Letters to the Editor - December 3 - 9, 2009

Published on Wed, Dec 2, 2009
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The Editor:
As I was reading the latest issue of The Northern Light, I realized that I had something else to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, in that David White was not elected. His rudeness and obstructionist views are the last thing Blaine needs.
Callie Andreas

The Editor:
As President Obama prepares to make commitments (not yet approved by Congress) at a United Nations global warming summit in Copenhagen this December, e-mail messages between leading American and British advocates of a man-made connection to global warming have been discovered which strongly indicate collusion to suppress information that contradicts their hypothesis, despite the inconvenient truth that global average temperatures have fallen since 2005.
Those messages also indicate a concerted and underhanded effort to stifle opposing views in professional publications.
Considering the ramifications of enacting cap and trade and other international agreements, an extensive inquiry must be conducted into the motivation and method of those who are so willing to jeopardize our industries, way of life and freedoms in pursuit of more social engineering.
Scientific research that refuses to accommodate contrary evidence is not the pursuit of science at all; rather, it is simply a power game to advance a preconceived agenda by a scientific cabal. Is that why Al Gore, who is making millions in this enterprise, and whose family fortune incidentally came from Occidental Petroleum, is so reticent to answer pertinent questions while presenting his propaganda?
Patrick J. Guimond

The Editor:
On November 25 (Thanksgiving eve) our faucet was leaking a great deal. I had tried replacing the washer, it didn’t work. I called Pacific Building Center (PBC) on Bell Road. I asked Ron if he knew of a plumber and he gave me Richard Pettinger’s phone number. Richard arrived at approximately 5:50 p.m. He explained two parts were required and he would drive to PBC.
I called PBC and they were closed. Great! Richard had called Bob, the owner of PBC and got through. Bob gave him the parts and said “Pay me for the parts later.”
Richard returned to our house. Drips were stopped, adjustments to the sink stopper done – job well done.
Thank you, Bob, at PBC for trusting me to pay you Friday and Richard for taking the time out from baking brownies (150 no less) with his daughter. How sweet is that?
Marlene Brown

The Editor:
Experts warn of “Southern border mentality.” Should it read, “Experts expect ‘Southern border mentality?’
I was optimistic about the report on this task force until I read to the very last sentence in this report, by the only “female” professor of warfare in the world. Could you ask her to clarify that statement?
Matthew Yuma

The Editor:
Christ Episcopal Church is offering the opportunity for the community to purchase Nets for Life, or anti-malarial mosquito nets to help children in Africa. Each day 2,000 children die from malaria. The long lasting insecticide-treated bed net will help safeguard up to three children sharing a bed. The cost of each net is $12. You will receive a gift card showing that a net has been purchased and given.
I will be at the church on Sunday if you would like to make a donation. For more information, you can contact me at 360/739-4641.
Alex Hendricks-Hockey

The Editor:
The 2009 CAP Thanksgiving Basket Project was a tremendous success. It all wouldn’t have happened without the tremendous support of this wonderful community. Many individuals gave generous financial support for which we are deeply appreciative.
Special thanks for extraordinary levels of support is due to so many I can’t name them all in the space available. But you know who you are and I know what you did. Sincere thanks to Edaleen Dairy who gave 200 gallons of milk and to Bedlington Potato Warehouse who gave 1,000 pounds of potatoes.
Our appreciation to the seven businesses that became fund collection centers. Our deep appreciation to all of you for your generous help! And a heart felt thanks to all the people who work at the Pizza Factory, one of the seven centers, who decided to give their tips for the month of November to the program and to Marv and Debra Adam, owners, who matched their donation.
Next, thanks to the folks from our community who gave us the pies. We ended up with 317, enough for many of the larger families to have two!
It wouldn’t have happened without the great support of the Phillips Edison & Co., owner of the Blaine International Shopping Center, for the use of the distribution site again this year, and for Dean Priestman, manager at Cost Cutter, who was extremely helpful in all aspects of getting the groceries.
We are also much indebted to Mike Nelson and the firefighters for hanging the banner, transporting the turkeys and 200 gallons of milk, returning the milk crates to Lynden and taking the heavy baskets of food to the waiting needy families.
And last, thanks to the hard working members of the team. They didn’t finish until 6:15 pm on Thanksgiving Eve.
And then, at the end that evening, one dear soul took baskets to shut-ins and others who couldn’t get to the distribution center. Without these people, it would have been a disaster.
Because of your giving hearts and helping hands, 196 families, nearly 950 children and adults, were fed. Bless you all.
Brent Brentnall
Director, Community
Assistance Program

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