Letters to the editor August 6 - 12, 2009

Published on Wed, Aug 5, 2009
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The Editor:
We want to thank The Northern Light for all the information, cultural events and news coverage they have provided the United States Canada Peace Anniversary Association (USCPAA) with over the course of the past 15 years.
Unfortunately, some people may have found the headline in the recent issue a bit confusing. Here is a little clarification.
The USCPAA receives no state parks funding for our annual sculpture exhibition. However,  we do receive in kind support from Peace Arch State Park for the exhibition from the local park manager and staff. We consider their support priceless. In fact, the staff amazes us each year with the care and creativity they show as they carefully select plantings that complement the artworks selected for exhibit.
Our primary exhibit support comes from a grant from the city of Blaine’s tourism fund. We are very grateful for their and other sponsors ongoing support! The exhibit would not be possible without partnerships between the park, city, USCPAA and participating artists.
The funding that has been in question is a State Tourism Matching Funds Grant, which the USCPAA was awarded in early July. The funding was in question because the scope of our project changed because the duration of the exhibition changed.
We are happy to report that the state tourism office is willing to work with us as we have had to modify the project. We anticipate that we will all be able to enjoy new permanent interpretive elements in the international park before the fall.
We would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Ed Crouch for donating his time and talent to create the new Peace Park Pole for Peace Arch State Park. We know many tourists will enjoy having the pictures taken next to this new park attraction in the years to come.
Christina Alexander, USCPAA

The Editor:
After reading the article of July 30th regarding the cutting of funds for the Peace Arch Park Art exhibit, I became disgusted with how our agencies work.
While I would not fault anyone for false motives, it seems to me that sometimes we get buried in rules and laws and common sense goes out the window. I believe that the benefits of the three months additional display of works of art to the travelers and citizens of Blaine far out-weigh the costs that the park department would have to pay.
Putting in jeopardy the Washington State Tourism grant that was given because of the extended time for the Olympics is a shame. I’m drawing these conclusions based on the information I read in The Northern Light.
I talked today to Eric Watilo, the northwest region director, and expressed my concerns. The rules that were adopted for “political, religious, or secular displays” should not apply in this situation. It surely is an exceptional opportunity for the city of Blaine and travelers to the Winter Olympics to have access to this remarkable artistic display; an exception to the rules should be made.
If you agree, contact the Washington State Parks and Recreational Commission. Check their website, www.parks.wa.gov for email and phone numbers.
James Calhoon

The Editor:
I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Blaine community for their overwhelming support of the Boys & Girls Club!
Our budget goal was to raise $80,000. The community came together and raised over $90,500 for the youth of Blaine and Birch Bay! I am humbled that we not only made our goal during this difficult economic time, we exceeded it.
The success of Saturday night is a credit to the incredibly generous and strong community spirit of Blaine. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to every business and individual who contributed an item, became a sponsor or volunteered their time behind the scenes and to each one of our 200 guests who gave up a summer Saturday night to support Blaine’s youth.
Thank you emcee Mike Kent, auctioneer Gary Tomsic and spotters Dan Newell, Hoyt Hatfield, Brad O’Neil and John Mulhern for keeping the excitement going! Thank you 2008 Whatcom County Youth of the Year Cherish Morrison for your amazing speech! And thank you to the Blaine program staff for all the energy you give each day at the club.
Over 400 youth are served through the Blaine Boys & Girls Club. Without community support, we wouldn’t be possible. Pictures from the auction will be up on our website soon! www.whatcomclubs.org.
Karin Schulhauser, manager

The Editor:
If your heart’s desire is to fly then you came to the right place. Two wings working in unison to get you flying. Those two wings were Ron Snyder and Graham Hunter. They and other volunteers did an excellent job on instructing, tutoring and coaxing our minds to manage a sail and control a rudder at the Drayton Harbor Marine Community Sailing Program.
Ron Snyder has the ability to  teach and reach your mind with examples that you are familiar with as a landlubber: He makes it make sense. He keeps it fun, keeping it practical. I had zero fear getting on the dinghy and subsequently sailing a 21’ sailboat on the ocean since then.
Graham Hunter has a special talent; his gentle tutoring on the water reaches your heart and calms that instinct to panic. He removes any fear you have of failing and helps keep that learning curve as gentle as the curve of that soft curve of a wind-filled sail.
What a blessing to have learnt to sail under the wings of these two seasoned sailors, they warmed and inflamed my life passion to fly on water.
Bernadette and Sony Zuzarte

The Editor:
Wow. I leave town for a week and Blaine has an “I Love Debbie” party without me. Darn. From my personal experience, John George, the rabble rouser who caused last Monday night’s meeting, doesn’t have the common sense he headlines his ads with.
Debbie Harger is one of the hardest working marketing people in Whatcom County. She has done her darndest to put Blaine on the map for all to see. I love the “Welcome to Blaine” sign she designed just north of exit 270 on the east side of I-5.
It is a daunting task to effectively juggle all that she does. Debbie is extremely talented and does not rest on her laurels, but continues to improve her skill set to better represent the Blaine community.
The only thing John George did was make it possible for Debbie’s fan club to let her know publicly how much she is appreciated. Way to go, John!
Jacque Peterson
Birch Bay

The Editor:
Congratulations to the Blaine Force Fast pitch team on a great summer season. The team played 12 games and was comprised of 14 high school players. Their record was 11 wins, 1 loss.
The pitchers were freshman Ashley Bolick, who won four games and lost 1 game, and senior Catlin Dudley who won seven games and lost zero.
The team roster consisted of Kailynn Aiken, Amanda Moore, Jordan Oldham, Alicia Kingslein, Ashley Bolick, Alyssa Southland, Steffawn Perrin, Taylor Trueblood, Suzie Pianki, Claire Nelson, Yvonne Alvarez, Elizabeth Williams, Samantha Wallace, and Caitlin Dudley.
Great job ladies, we’re proud of you!
Steve Dodd & Gary Moore
Blaine coaching staff

The Editor:
On behalf of Banner Bank and Habitat for Humanity, I  would like to extend my thanks to the local community and the many visitors who donated so freely to the local Habitat program this past Saturday during the Drayton Harbor Days festival at the Blaine Marina. The support was overwhelming and we raised over $250 in just three hours. Habitat for Humanity has submitted building plans to the city of Blaine and is currently looking for local companies and individuals who would like to be involved, by donation of funds or time, to this build. If you are interested please contact Mateo Mattson at terry_mateo@hfhwhat-com.org. or 360-715-9170.
Thank you all so much for being a part of this local family home.
Anne Graves, Banner Bank

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