Letters to the editor July 30 - August 5, 2009

Published on Fri, Jul 31, 2009
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The Editor:
For more than a year, I have been a “Friend of Blaine Library.” This is a group who works to raise money for things that are not covered by the library’s funding. As well, they organize cultural events and other activities and help out in any way they can. As a friend I have learned what a dynamic place the Blaine library is.

I am amazed by the kind of programs that are available. They have Wii game nights, movie nights, book discussion groups, chess club, Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments, pet shows, art and craft afternoons, ongoing reading programs for which they give prizes, toddler time and cultural programs with guest speakers and more.

The staff is tireless and enthusiastic and tries to provide any program that will encourage people to come to the library.

Another aspect of the library is the availability of computers. The computers are not only used to look up catalogue numbers, but to download audio books. They can even help you find a job.

With Resume Maker software, you can create resumes, cover letters and tap into a job bank. With Learning Express software, you can practice exams and take your GED in Spanish.

So if you are one of those people who think that the library just lends books, please go to wcls.org and find out what is really happening.

Or better still visit the library in person and see for yourself. You will be glad you did. It is the friendliest library I have ever come across and that is why I became a “Friend of Blaine Library.” Perhaps you would like to become a “Friend” too.
Heidi Wood

The Editor:
I, as others, enjoy driving the highways and byways of the Pacific northwest for the scenic beauty, the view of the majestic mountains, and the wild flowers on the side of the road. But the thing that ruins it, and turns my stomach is the ever-increasing yellow jugs along our roads, at rest stops, truck stops, and parking lots.

They vary in size, usually a clear gallon jug full of urine. Yes, urine. Thrown out by a driver who couldn’t take the time to stop for a restroom or by someone who was waiting in line to cross the border or by someone’s kids. These yellow jugs are thrown in ditches along the road.

Sometimes they are set on the side of the road or in a parking lot. What do they think, the urine collectors will pick it up? I’m sure the individuals or organizations that adopt a road enjoy picking up these bottles full of urine.
Littering is illegal. Litterers are hard to catch. But these thoughtful litterers have left a plentiful supply of DNA behind. I say require a copy of your DNA with your I.D. card, driver’s license or border crossing card. Take the samples along the roadsides, match them up, and enforce a heavy fine.

Have them pay for the testing and give them community service hours picking up bottles of urine strewn around our beautiful Pacific northwest.

That may stop them or at least get them to dump them in a toilet somewhere. They could wash them out and reuse them. Think green with your yellow jug. If none of this appeals to you, do as our American astronauts do, wear a diaper.

We can put them in all the gas stations, next to the No-Doz. Sizes to fit all. Kids to adults, according to your trip. A 300-mile diaper, 700-mile diaper or, for the cross country trip, the 3000-mile diaper. Plan your trip, fill up with gas, check. Put on your diaper, check. Don’t forget the diaper pail.
Randy Martin

The Editor:
This coming Saturday, August 1 is the Second Annual West Marine sponsored Drayton Harbor Maritime (DHM) Community Sailing Regatta.

All of the sailors will be former students from our sailing school, and Debbie at West Marine in Blaine provides the prizes. In addition, the winner will have their name added to the perpetual trophy that is displayed at the West Marine store on Peace Portal Drive.

The race is at Monkey Island, just west of gate #3 at the Blaine Harbor Marina and is part of the Drayton Harbor Days celebrations. We’ll rig boats at noon, skipper’s meeting at 12:30, and the race starts at 1 p.m. with heats of three boats leading to a final race of the winners of the heats.

This is a fun race, and you all have the skills to do well. Come on out and sharpen your sailing skills. Nothing improves your sailing skills better than racing in dinghies like the Clancy.
Bring your friends and families to cheer you on, and Graham and I hope to see you there.
Ron Snyder
DHM Community Sailing School

The Editor:
The Prestigious George Raft Race will begin at 11 a.m. Saturday, August 1, not at 1 p.m. as mentioned in last week’s issue of The Northern Light.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to build and participate in this annual homemade raft race at the Blaine boat launch ramp. The more the merrier.

The raft race is a lot of fun and the winner gets to take home the prestigious perpetual George Raft Trophy for one full year. It’s a beauty, a trophy worth winning; set it on the TV next to the rabbit ears, impress your friends!
The great thing about this race is that no one needs to spend any money to have a chance at winning.

If you are considering being in the race and need materials or have questions, please call Bob Knapp at 332-3111 or 815-6899 or Richard Sturgill at 332-5742.

If no one is at either number, please leave your name, number and message and we will get back to you.
Lastly Drayton Harbor Maritime has a raft library where folks can check out parts and pieces to build a raft.

Raft registration and captain’s meeting will be at 10:30 a.m., Saturday at the top of the Blaine Harbor marina boat launch ramp. I hope to see you there.
Fair winds,
Captain Richard C. Sturgill,
Drayton Harbor Maritime

The Editor:
The Sixty-five Sisterhood Helping Hands walked in the Whatcom Volunteer Center Human Race on June 13 and raised funds for the Blaine Food Bank.

At this time we would personally like to thank all the businesses, friends and family members who contributed to our fund raiser.
Jan Boykin
Birch Bay

The Editor:
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Heather from Bow Wow and Woofs, Whatcom Humane Society and everyone else that helped make the Bark at the Beach such a great success.

Mike Kent did an excellent job as emcee. It was a fun day for all who attended including my three rescue doxies.
If you have a dog and you did not attend make sure you don’t miss it next year. It was a day for the dogs and a lot of fun.
Lynne Van Luven
Birch Bay

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