Police Reports: December 23 – 29, 2014

December 23, 1:50 p.m.: A man called police to report that his wheelchair had been stolen off his front porch overnight. The victim called back when he recovered the medical device from the neighborhood kids who had taken it for a joy ride. The man did not wish to pursue the matter or the grinches any further.

December 23, 7:20 p.m.: Police responded to a report of a verbal domestic dispute at a residence. Officers arrived and determined no crime had occurred during the argument over distribution of Christmas wealth. Everyone agreed the best way to spread peace on Earth was to separate for the evening. Officers facilitated the separation in hopes of a silent night.

December 24, 9:56 a.m.: An officer stopped a vehicle for failing to yield to a pedestrian and discovered that the motorist’s license had been suspended for an unpaid ticket. The Blaine resident was arrested for the criminal violation, cited, and released pending a mandatory court date.

December 24, 11:57 a.m.: A retail store reported that, over a two-day period, two people unlawfully made three credit card transactions with a fake card, causing about $800 in losses to the business. The case is under investigation.

December 24, 2:30 p.m.: A person came to the police station with two brand new bicycles, which were presents for two children living in Blaine. They asked if police could deliver the bikes so the giver could remain anonymous. An officer made the delivery to two very happy children and their extremely thankful mom. Ho, Ho, Ho!

December 25, 8:25 p.m.: A resident called to report hearing what he believed were shots being fired from a small caliber firearm on the Semiahmoo spit. At the same time police received reports from the RCMP and the U.S. Coast Guard that marine distress flares were being discharged over Semiahmoo Bay. Officers investigated and located a family safe on dry land in the county park on Semiahmoo Spit, celebrating Christmas with a homemade fireworks display. They were advised of the rules governing the use of fireworks and parks, and departed the area.

December 26, 8:23 a.m.: A truck driver called for help when an adult passenger who was travelling with him failed to take her medications and suffered a mental health emergency. Police contacted the victim, and she requested transportation and treatment to avoid harming herself. An officer transported the woman to the hospital for treatment.

December 26, 9:32 a.m.: A person reported hearing what he believed was two gunshots in a residential neighborhood. Officers searched the area but could not locate the source of the noise. They talked with others on the block who believed the sounds were duck hunters in Drayton Harbor.

December 26, 11:29 a.m.: A woman called police for assistance after an argument in which her boyfriend punched her in the face. Officers interceded in the battle, investigated and determined the intoxicated boyfriend was the primary aggressor. The 28-year-old man was arrested and booked in to jail.

December 27, 10:20 a.m.: A resident reported that thieves had entered the garage of a house he is building and stole $470 worth of construction material. Case under investigation.

December 27, 12:15 p.m.: An officer located a stray dog limping in a residential neighborhood. The friendly pooch had an address on his collar and was reunited with his family. The injury was pre-existing and currently under treatment.

December 28, 1:42 p.m.: Police were called to a report of a malicious mischief incident when a resident discovered a flat tire on his vehicle and believed it to be the work of a neighbor. The arriving officers examined the tire and could not locate any damage. Another neighbor with tools helped remove and replace the flat. There was no obvious damage, evidence of malicious activity or witnesses to any crime.

December 29, 9:40 a.m.: Police responded to a home on Cedar Street on a report of a burglary. The resident reported that someone had entered the couple’s unlocked shed in their unfenced backyard overnight and stole tools worth about $650. Police collected evidence at the scene and the crime is under investigation.

December 29, 1:21 p.m.: Officers responded to a business on a theft of services complaint when someone unrelated to the business filled their outside trash bin with garbage. The suspect had left prior to police arrival, but officers identified the garbage owner from information left at the scene. The suspect had already crossed the border in B.C. when officers contacted her by phone. She was advised to return and remove her garbage by the end of the day or receive a criminal citation.

December 29, 2:18 p.m.: An officer observed a vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign, stopped the motorist and determined his drivers license was suspended. The driver was arrested for the criminal licensing offense and released with a court date. A friend with a driver’s license arranged to remove the vehicle.

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