Letters to the Editor: August 2-8

The Editor:

Here we are, already into the month of August and the 2018 to 2019 school year is on the horizon. As in previous years, the Blaine School District Family Service Center will provide backpacks full of school supplies to our low-income, foster and homeless students.

The Family Service Center is in need of school supply donations. If you would like to donate money you may do so to give us the ability to buy supplies in bulk at a lower price. If you would rather donate supplies – backpacks, composition books, USB drives, highlighters, dividers and scissors are most needed at this time.

For monetary donations, please mail a check to: Blaine School District Family Service Center, 765 H Street, Blaine, WA 98230. Please make checks out to Blaine Family Service Center (this is tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.)

If you would rather drop off monetary donation or supplies, you may do so any time between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., at the Blaine school district office located at 765 H Street.

This service is provided only by donations from our amazing community. We appreciate your continued support of resources that the Blaine School District Family Service Center is able to provide to families and students who are in need. We are always in awe of this community and the continuous generosity and giving spirit. Thank you so much to all who contribute.

The school supply distribution to students and families will be from 9 to 11 a.m. on Friday, August 24 at the Family Service Center. The Family Service Center is located behind the old middle school gym, in the blue door facing Blaine Elementary School (parking available on the north end of the elementary school).

To qualify, your student(s) must attend Blaine schools, be on free/reduced lunch, be homeless or in foster care or qualify by other district means.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Potts by email at rpotts@webmail.blainesd.org or you may leave a message at 360/332-0722 (summer hours are limited so a phone call will be returned within the week).

Rebecca Potts, Family Service Center

The Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to correct a factual error and add a few words to what was an otherwise well-covered article about the upcoming Prestigious George Raft Race (PGRR),  which will start at high noon on Saturday, August 4 at the Port of Bellingham’s Public Boat Launch at the Blaine Harbor Marina.

Those folks wanting to participate building their own rafts are welcome to purchase “parts and pieces” for their rafts meaning, “stuff” like nails, screws, tape, canned foam, etc. Items used to help hold one’s raft together are welcome to use. The intent of this rule is to help level the playing field so that money isn’t a factor in determining who might be the winner.

The PGRR is a lot of fun and I encourage everyone to consider putting together a raft for the chance of winning the perpetual Prestigious George Raft Race Trophy. The winning individual or team gets to “own” the trophy for one full year and until the next race when the next winner takes possession of the trophy for a year.

Race participants are welcomed to employ water squirters to annoy fellow racers during the race. I know our raft will have a full complement of water squirters to annoy and distract all who try to get close to our raft.

Lastly, the raft race ends at the gangway ramp below the harbor master’s office at Blaine Harbor gate 2. I encourage everyone to consider participating in this fun-filled raft race as each year there seems to be a different winner.

Those who just want to watch can come down to the harbor’s transient float (gate 2) where the historic Plover landing is and watch the racers paddle by on their way to the finish line.

Richard Sturgill, PGRR committee member

The Editor:

With the upcoming primary and mid-term elections here are a few things that are puzzling to me:

1. Why are people so upset about foreigners interfering in our elections, while they have no problem with millions of people entering and staying illegally in the U.S., and now San Francisco, and others are registering them to vote?

2. How can some people advocate open borders when they themselves live in gated communities or secure buildings?

3. Why do security experts and even the AARP urge people to always request ID from anyone coming to their door – be it for deliveries, repairs or other work – but it is wrong and ‘discrimination’ to insist on voter ID?

4. Why do so many people protest to keep families of illegals together but they don’t care about the high divorce rate and the growing single-parent households in our country?

5) How come so many people cite the needs and rights of children, yet they support the gruesome business practice of Planned Parenthood (which we taxpayers pay for)?

It must be so confusing to hold two totally opposite views and opinions at the same time.

There is a German proverb that says, “If you want to improve the world, start at your own doorstep.”

Elisabeth Angell

The Editor:

The summit in Helsinki with President Trump and Vladimir Putin has caused a majority of Americans to wonder if Donald Trump’s loyalty is to the United States or Putin’s Russia.

Republican and Democratic leaders have labeled his press conference with Putin as “shameful” and “disgraceful.”

President Trump appeared to believe Putin’s denial of interfering in our U.S. elections over the proof and conclusions of our United States’ Intelligence agencies. However, the Republican-controlled Congress has done little or nothing to find out what was said or agreed to in his two-hour meeting with Putin.

My conclusion is that Republican office holders will do nothing to rein in President Trump. They will not even subpoena our U.S. translator to find out what happened in his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

We, the citizens, must exercise our vote these next few months and vote only for Democrats to provide a check on President Trump. Our safety, rights, and way of life depend on it.

Layne Boyce
Birch Bay

The Editor:

Last summer, Blaine Public Works did a great job repaving Sweet Road from the city line to Odell Street. Had they gone the next 120 feet or so to Yew Road – when they had the men, equipment, materials, and resources – the job would have been complete.

As it is, it’s the end of July and no commencement date has been established to finish the work. What’s up with that, BPW? I paid my taxes.

Richard Mollette

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