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Articles published Wed, Mar 27, 2013

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Letters to the editor: March 18 - April 3, 2013


Council hears opposition to shoreline enhancement project

Whatcom County Council members were surprised to hear an outpouring of opposition to the Birch Bay shoreline enhancement project at a presentation on right of way issues along Birch Bay Drive.

Blaine receives $500,000 grant to reduce energy consumption

Little by little the city of Blaine is moving forward in its aim to become more energy efficient, and its latest success, an award of a $500,000 Department of Commerce grant to help lower energy costs, is a huge step forward.

Education-related policy bills remain alive in legislature

With most other policy bills out of the way and facing the Supreme Court's McCleary decision mandating full funding for education by 2018 Washington state lawmakers have now moved the education issue to the top of their budgeting priorities.

Soshin Girls School visits Blaine


Corrections to the March 14 and 21 issues of The Northern Light

Whiskey A-Go-Go supports Habitat for Humanity

The state of Washington is filled to the brim with small craft distilleries.

The Boob Tour: Laughing toward a cure

North Whatcom County Relay for Life (NWCRL) and the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds are bringing a dynamic show to Whatcom county.

Blaine businesses eligible for scholarship funding

The city of Blaine and Western Washington University's Small Business Development Center (SBDC) are offering five scholarships to local Blaine businesses for its Launch and Build Your Business course.

Weigh in to slim down

Sometimes in order to win you have to lose, and with Northwest Parks and Recreation District 2's newest program, you'll have to lose big.


Edward H. "Ted" Onyon

July 24, 1921 - March 13, 2013


Police Reports: March 21 - 25, 2013


Anacortes soccer leaves Blaine in the dust, wins 7-1

Through more than half of a home soccer game against 2A Anacortes, Blaine matched the larger team stride for stride, keeping within one goal well into the second half.


Spring Sports Recap: March 19 - 26


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