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Articles published Thu, Oct 11, 2007

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Letters to the Editor -- October 11, 2007


YoungAt Heart

Here we are rushing into Autumn and wherehas the summer gone? Our Blaine senior activity centerseniors thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine with outdoor activities...

Firesafety inspections coming soon

Beginningin January 2008, North Whatcom Fire and Rescue will beassisting local businesses by inspecting their facilities.

Storiesfrom the border...

Publisher’sNote: Living, visiting and working as we do on the 49th Parallel,the border has an undeniable impact on our lives. Border policiesand ...

Countyworks on draft for OSS plan

WhatcomCounty Council is reviewing the way it intends to meetmore stringent state requirements for inspecting on-siteseptic systems after getting feedback...

TheBorderite ReportOctober/November 2007

School Calendar

Blaine,like the rest of America, is getting fatter

Since 1980 the numberof obese people in this country has doubled, and the numberof adolescents who are moderately to extremely overweighthas tripled.

American Life in Poetry

Children at play givepersonalities to lifeless objects, and we don't need to give upthat pleasure as we grow older. Poets are good at discerning lifewithin...

Aroundthe City

Land trusttakes heron reserve tour

Borderagency finds missing hiker

A U.S. Customs and BorderProtection (CBP) helicopter crew from the CBP Air Branch located missinghiker Mary Hyde Wingfield from a remote section of North...

Senateto OK $20 million border fund

TheU.S. Senate has approved an amendment to provide $20million in new federal funding to help cover the costsof border-related crimes along the U.S./Canadian...

Councildenies hearing examiner amendment 3-3

After an overwhelming displayof public opposition, Blaine City Council narrowly votedMonday to deny an amendment that would streamline the city’splanning...

BirchBay resort manager accused of teen harassment

TheU.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) hasfiled a lawsuit against the New Jersey-based resort companyWyndham Worldwide Corp., formerly ...


Police Report -- October 11, 2007


Sports -- October 11, 2007


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