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Articles published Thu, Oct 4, 2007

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Letters to the Editor -- October 04, 2007


Onthe waterfront

The boats began leaving the harbor beforedawn on the morning of October 1, the opening day of commercialcrab fishing for all citizens fishers.

Classicalguitarist Vieaux plays with clarity

Ideally, aguitar should be heard in a cozy living room, where theintimacy of its naked sound may be appreciated. But whenJason Vieaux strummed his instrument...

Blaineartist featured in Whatcom Artists Studio Tour

Blainestained glass artist Sharon Swanson announced last weekthat she is one of 50 featured artists on this year’sWhatcom Artists Studio Tour (WAST...


Alanon Meetings: Blaine meets everyWednesday at 7:30 – 9 p.m. at the Unitarian Churchat Cedar & Harrison streets. Call 371-0568.

Storiesfrom the border...

Publisher’s Note: Living,visiting and working as we do on the 49th Parallel, theborder has an undeniable impact on our lives. Borderpolicies and ...

Traffic study finds not all ports of entry are equal

Is cross border traffic at all U.S./Canadianports of entry affected by the same factors that influence traffichere? A September study by the Border Policy...

BriefsGet your scare on

The Downtown Blaine Merchantsgroup has organized their second annual scarecrow contestto decorate downtown.

Publicmeeting to discuss capital projects school bond

The Blaine school boardhas put efforts to publicize a capital projects bond issue on holdtemporarily while it reviews the effects of a two-year decline...

Localcandidates forum October 16

TheNorthern Light will sponsor a candidate’s forumfor local political races this month.

BirchBay developer fights Growth Management Act

Birch Bay developer Bill Granthas given his attorney the go-ahead to ask the state supremecourt to overturn an appeals court decision about countyland ...

Localbusiness gains from the rise of the Loonie

Afterbeing worth just a little over 60 cents U.S. a few yearsago the Canadian dollar has passed the U.S. dollar invalue for the first time since 1976 and...


Police Report -- October 04, 2007


Sports -- October 04, 2007


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