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Articles published Thu, Feb 22, 2007

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Letters to the Editor -- February 22, 2007



TheHealing PathThere is only one path that leads to the healing of PugetSound, and it is one that we all must walk together.

Areflection on one man’s descent into Alzheimer’s

Editor’snote: Bob Rieke has been a pastor for nearly 40 yearsand is currently the minister at Blaine's United Churchof Christ Congregational at Fourth...

Lifechanges may warrant insurance

Life is full of changes. Marriage, children, a specialholiday or anniversary, a new home and retirement all haveprofound impacts on your life. ...

Videographiespreserve family stories in time

Whatcom County resident RussellHicks had just finished his night watch shift and eatenbreakfast when the explosions started.

Takinga bite out of Blaine

Chicken mole,buttery crab legs, potato pancakes, and pita trianglestopped with spicy garlic hummus and Morroccan chicken werejust a few of the delectable...


Thereare no two nations on earth who are as closely tied, physically,economically, socially and culturally, than the US andCanada.

Aroundthe Bay

County offersplanning course The Whatcom County planning and development department will host a freeshort-course in local planning at 6 p.m. Wednesday,...

Syresays he’s ‘bullish’ on Blaine

DavidSyre is bullish on Blaine’s future though likeFairhaven developer Ken Imus, he says that Blaine’spotential may take some years to fully...

Billcould substitute drivers’ licenses for passports

A bill introduced by Representative Louise Slaughter(D-NY) February 14 would require the Department of HomelandSecurity to conduct a state driver&rsquo...

Feds: ‘FightingWHTI is not going to help’

Bordercommunities concerned about the Western Hemisphere TravelInitiative (WHTI), which would require passports fortravelers at all border crossings, should...


Police Report -- February 22, 2007


Sports -- February 22, 2007


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