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Articles published Thu, Dec 23, 2004

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Letters to the Editor -- December 23, 2004


Fallingfor chocolate

It’sa chocoholic’s dream, seeing 20 poundsof the finest Belgian chocolate cascading down a five-tieredfountain. It’s also one of Blaine...

Celebratingthe season in Birch Bay

It’s that time again – timefor all those gutsy people to take leave of their sensesand plunge into the cold, cold waters of Birch Bay in thewinter...

Historyof the Peace ArchPart Three: The Celebration Begins

Theycalled him Coal Oil Billy. William Carlson was racingat Tacoma’s speedway duringthe Fourth of July, 1915, when his peppy Maxwell blewa tire. ...


TheBlaine primary school’s kindergarten registrationwill be conducted differently this year than in past years.Instead of an evening orientation,...


Asian rapper nabbed for murderBorderprotection officers from both the U.S. and Canada workedtogether to arrest an Asian rapper wanted in New York forattempted...

Blainebasketball mania hits the road

In atwo-day road trip last week that took them to both thebright lights of the big city and the modest confines ofa “Hoosiers” style old high...

Parksboard wants the spit to stay in public hands

The Blaine Parks and Cemetery Board expressed its approvallast week of efforts by a group of local citizens to buyout the land intended for the Seagrass...

Cantwellin town to talk border resources

SenatorMaria Cantwell was in Blaine last week to see how heroffice can bring additional resources to tighten up localborders.


Police Report -- December 23, 2004


Sports -- December 23, 2004


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