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Articles published Thu, Mar 25, 2004

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Letters to the Editor -- March 25, 2004



If time and or money is at a premium for you, here area few low-cost and relatively quick ideas that can stillmake a big difference in quality of life,...

Getout & grow

Inmy first article last week I gave you an assignment tothink about what you wanted your garden to be. Some possibilitiesmight have been a cottage garden...

Newsin Brief

Proctor and correctors neededWhen the state math championship comes to Blaine next weekorganizers will need dozens of volunteer proctors andtest correctors...

Littlejail, lots of therapy for ex-chief

Lastweek former fire chief Mike Campbell was sentenced to6.5 to 8.5 years after pleading guilty to a 1999 rapeof a child.. He will serve up to six months...

AdeliaStreet protestors call in the heavy artillery

Staterepresentative Kelli Linville met with a dozen AdeliaStreet neighbors this week to hear their allegations thecity botched the zoning for their neighborhood...

Worldis their oyster, according to harbor board

“We’reat a critical juncture in the harbor,” DraytonHarbor Shellfish Protection District board chairman GeoffMenzies told fellow committee...


Police Report -- March 25, 2004


Sports -- March 25, 2004


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