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Articles published Thu, Jan 1, 2004

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Letters to the Editor -- January 01, 2004


Shellfish work continues

2003 has been a very productive year for cleaning up Drayton Harbor. All who have played a part should be proud of their contributions.

Senior center sees increase in membership and programs

The Blaine senior center is bringing to a close the year 2003 with continued increase in membership, programs, and activities. There can never be enough...

Blaine chamber: Working annual events, exploring ways

The current officers and directors of the Blaine chamber of commerce were installed at the annual Bite of Blaine on February 10. This function was a huge...

Steering Committee: Birch Bay has a plan

Birch Bay has a plan. 2003 was the third year that the Birch Bay Steering Committee worked on it, but by the end of the year the Birch Bay Community Plan...

BBWSD: 35 years of service, record weather, DOE award

For Birch Bay Water and Sewer District (BBWSD), 2003 marked 35 years of service to the community, which the district celebrated with an open house September...

Numerous local congregations comprise Ministerial Association

The Peace Arch Christian Ministerial Association brings together 10 congregations in the Blaine area for Christian witness and service. Pastors from member...

City of Blaine takes on plans for this year

Others will cover what the city has accomplished in 2003. So many projects are on-going. Hopefully, the following will reach the action phase this next...

Public works projects to note

We completed a lot of work in 2003, and following are some of the top accomplishments.

Association enriches, supports arts

The Blaine Fine Arts Association (BFAA) is a group of parents, teachers, and interested community members who support the arts programs in grades seven...

Great year for Pacific Arts

2003 was a great year for the Pacific Arts Association.We presented an eclectic mix of concerts in conjunction with the Blaine school district including...

Airport takes on tree removal issue, new commissioners

2003 was once again a busy year for the airport. Much of our effort was directed toward the removal of obstructions in the flight path, to make approaches...

Education excellence thriving

Excellence in education continued to thrive at Blaine school district during the past 12 months. Despite hardships caused by reduced legislative funding...

Blaine police see year of opportunity, officer awards

2003 has been a year of opportunity and challenge for members of the Blaine police department. Some police programs have improved and grown beyond our ...

Year in review 2003

The bookstore, basketball and birding ... Gambling, growth, and grub ... Trains, Trillium and tragedy ... A year in the life of Blaine and Birch Bay .....


Police Report -- January 01, 2004


Sports -- January 01, 2004


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