Package theft reports rise in Blaine

By Stefanie Donahue

An increasing number of locals are reporting package thefts to the Blaine Police Department.

Authorities received three package theft reports in 2017 and nine reports in 2018, said Blaine Police Department sergeant Michael Munden in an email.

This year, four of the reported thefts were made from mail handling and personal shipping and receiving businesses, while the rest were made from private residences.

“It is possible that many of these types of thefts might go unreported,” Munden said.

Often, package thefts that occur at businesses involve an employee and preventative measures can only be taken by the employer, he said. For residents, the most effective way to prevent package theft is to ensure packages are not left on their door step, he said.

“Both FedEx and UPS will hold packages for a reasonable time,” Munden said. “This may mean a delayed delivery or in some cases the package can be picked up at a local FedEx or UPS location.”

FedEx and UPS also allow for customizable delivery, so packages can be delivered to locations that are not visible from the street, Munden said.

“If you are expecting a package, try to make sure that someone is home to receive it,” he said. Another option is having a trusted neighbor hold the package until you are home, he said.

“Outdoor cameras are becoming increasingly more affordable and are therefore more common to find outside many people’s homes,” he said. “These cameras are a great deterrent and are very helpful to police in the event of any criminal activity around the home.”

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