Letters to the Editor: July 5-11

The Editor:

I’ve lived and worked downtown since 1994. I always thought Blaine had great potential for a vibrant downtown and so I invested here.

I haven’t seen the pick-up in downtown Blaine I had envisioned and hoped for, albeit as of late, it’s great to see some retail family friendly development – I hope it encourages more downtown development.

In my opinion, the ward system is completely outdated and serves no purpose in a small town. I believe it does more to divide the town than to bring it together.

In order to have a more family friendly downtown, with the kind of businesses that all ages can enjoy, I hope folks see a way to help downtown Blaine and vote to completely scrap the ward system.

Few cities use this anymore; a fellow who has lived in the Salishan neighborhood for over 30 years handed me a piece of paper several months ago; in doing some research on Washington, he found out only 23 out of 281 towns in our state use the ward system.

The ward system doesn’t promote progress, vibrancy, unity or success.

It seems to be a divisive and outdated system; maybe it has a place in large cities, but not a small town.

Change is usually good so let’s move toward the bright future, with hope and a positive, open-minded way of thinking.

“If you keep doing what you did, you’ll keep getting what you got.”– Author Unknown

Bill Becht

The Editor:

Thank you to Kyle, the wonderful man who stopped on June 29 in Birch Bay to pull our friend’s car out of the ditch. What kindness he showed us. His words as he stopped were “I saw the Canadian license and I love Canadians!” There are indeed caring people who without a second thought stop to help a fellow man.

Kyle, you made our day and we can assure you that we will pay it forward.

Shirley Henderson
Surrey, B.C.

The Editor:

As our state representative, Luanne Van Werven represents Whatcom County citizens and the things we care about: education, public safety, mental health, trails and parks, vibrant economy and more. She truly represents us.

I have known Luanne’s family since I was a kid. Gracious, hardworking, level-headed folk – Luanne comes by it all honestly and has carried these qualities to Olympia as our representative.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Luanne Van Werven to represent the district 42 in our state legislature!

Shawn Van Dyken

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