Letters to the Editor: June 21-27

The Editor:

Of course citizens want to vote on the best qualified police chief; it wouldn’t hurt if he allowed an officer, staff member or volunteer to give us readers the old format of police reports, right? Just a thought. Nobody – just nobody – is enjoying the current reports!

Dorothy Bush

The Editor:

After hearing from several people about their concerns regarding allowing golf carts on some roads in Birch Bay, I believe some assurance about operating them safely and enforcements of driving regulations (and practices) need to be emphasized, more clearly stated and/or posted.

I don’t believe it’s intended to be a ‘do whatever you wish recreational activity,’ such as permitting underage/non-licensed drivers to drive/party on the road, having too many people riding in the cart, driving while intoxicated, driving and going anywhere they wish, e.g. in the wrong lane, on sidewalks, pedestrian paths, parking anywhere, etc.

It may be prudent for Whatcom County Council (who passed this ordinance, or local authorities) to highlight some guidelines for golf cart drivers. For example, besides the golf carts having to be certified “road worthy” (with lights, reflectors, good brakes, etc.), drivers will drive responsibly and comply with the usual driving regulations, practices and courtesies of being on the road and provide turn signals, stop at stop signs, not hold up traffic, allow traffic to pass safely, be insured, etc. As well, drivers of golf carts are subject to enforcements and penalties when breaking traffic laws and the area’s rules and regulations, like all other drivers.

Lawrence Pang
Birch Bay

The Editor:

Just a note of thanks and praise to the men and women of North Whatcom Fire and Rescue. Over the past 15 years I’ve had many occasions to see these well trained and dedicated people in action at the Semiahmoo Marina. Many of the calls were dealing with injured or sick individuals needing medical attention. We have come to take the expert care they give for granted.

Only recently, when my mother was taken ill, did I realize just how important their service is to our community. I know this is only a portion of what they do for the citizens of north Whatcom, but it is a very important and sincerely appreciated part of their service. Thanks very much for all you do.

Doug Romano

The Editor:

The recent zero tolerance immigration policy by the Trump administration has exposed its cruelty when separating children from their parents. President Trump lies when he blames the Democrats for this policy. He ordered this himself. Also, Democrats do not hold positions of power in this administration.

Attorney general Jeff Sessions attempted to deceive the public by quoting a passage in the Bible which tells us to obey the government. He forgets and omits the biblical fact that the very young Jesus and his parents had to flee Palestine for their safety and were refugees in Egypt. Where is the empathy from Sessions for the families in similar circumstances?

We voters need to alert our elected officials that we will not tolerate this policy of separating children from parents. I urge you to vote only for candidates who decry this policy. America is
better than this.

Layne Boyce
Birch Bay

The Editor: 

Dad was not a young soldier. He was 29 when he came home from Europe. Dad controlled his demons in his own way. He never had any friends. You lose your friends.

On the Fourth of July we celebrate what dad and so many others fought to keep. Our freedoms, our human rights, which so many of us take for granted, and do so little to maintain. The freedom to live in liberty protected by law was not given to us but had to be won. Many men and women served in the armed forces of the United States in foreign fields and waters, surviving horrendous situations, and the deaths and disabling of their buddies for those freedoms. For these Whatcom County veterans, fireworks on the Fourth of July make it the worst day of the year. Whatcom County sounds like a war zone.

Those of us who have lived all our lives in peace, safety and security have been given the luxury to enjoy these loud and bright displays. To many veterans it conjures up entirely different images. You do them no honor, but dishonor, and I believe this is done thoughtlessly and unconsciously. I appeal to the better angels of your nature.

If you wish to see your money go up in smoke, get together and sponsor a community event. Better yet, host a gathering of family and friends, not only in appreciation of the day, but of still having them with you. Do not take them for granted. You lose what you take for granted.

Please understand, we are not snowflakes or control freaks who wish to tell others what to do. We hold more dearly now the rights of the freedom of the individual than ever. We only ask that you consider the same.

Mark Aaron Aamot

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