Learn how to protect your coastal property from erosion

Naturally eroding bluffs at Point Whitehorn. Photo by Oliver Lazenby

By Oliver Lazenby

Birch Bay Watershed and Aquatic Resources Management District, Whatcom Conservation District, Northwest Straits and other groups are hosting a beach walk next month at Point Whitehorn to educate homeowners about shoreline erosion.

The walk goes from 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18 at Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve, 6899 Koehn Road.

Local coastal geomorphologist Andrea MacLennan from Coastal Geologic Services will lead the walk and discuss factors including geology, hydrology and coastal processes that shape shorelines.

The walk is geared toward landowners on bluffs or shorelines interested in protecting their property while promoting healthy marine ecosystems.

Qualifying property owners also have opportunities for site visits with coastal erosion

Erosion isn’t uncommon at Point Whitehorn. In December 2017, a landslide on a steep bluff near Point Whitehorn Road and Birch Bay Drive washed away a chunk of property and storm water outfall pipe.

Whatcom County is currently preparing to fix that damage.

Register for the beach walk at bit.ly/2locPFH.

For more information, contact Dana Oster at the Northwest Straits Foundation at 360/733-1725 or visit bit.ly/2MGNJyf.

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