How seniors can simplify everyday tasks

The ability to perform everyday tasks is something many people take for granted. But as men and women approach or exceed retirement age, many may start to struggle with chores and tasks they have performed for decades. There are many ways for seniors to simplify everyday tasks while maintaining independence:

Embrace technology. Seniors with Internet access in their homes can order their groceries online and then pick them up in-store or have them delivered, saving them the trouble of walking around the store. Autonomous vacuum cleaners have also removed the need to use traditional vacuum cleaners. Some can even employ sensors to detect dirty spots on the floor and can be programmed to clean the home while residents are gone.

Upgrade bathrooms. Tasks associated with personal hygiene tend to be taken for granted until they become difficult. Grab bars can be installed on shower walls so seniors can safely get in and out of their showers and bathtubs. Such bars are both effective and inexpensive, and some do not even require any drilling to install. Specialty grab bars, tub grips and tub transfer benches are just a few additional products that can make bathing easier

Get “smart” on the road. Seniors who are experiencing mild difficulty driving can make getting about town that much easier by plugging their smartphones into their vehicles or making use of a variety of apps. The maps app on a smartphone, for example, can be connected to a car and direct seniors to their destinations. Seniors also can employ apps to help them find their vehicles should they forget exactly where they parked in crowded parking lots.

Downsize. Whether downsizing to a smaller home or simply downsizing a lifestyle, seniors may find that living smaller is akin to living simpler. Empty nesters may no longer need several bedrooms in their homes, and moving into smaller homes can reduce their daily workloads while also clearing out clutter that can make performing everyday chores more difficult. Men and women accustomed to hustle and bustle may also find that cutting back on professional and/or personal commitments gives them more energy for everyday activities while enriching the commitments they continue to maintain.

Aging men and women can employ strategies to simplify their lives and maintain their independence well into their golden years.

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