Parking at state parks is free for three days in June

Leave your Discover Pass at home if you’re visiting a state park on June 2, 9 or 10.

The Washington State Parks Commission announced last week that visitors won’t need a Discover Pass in their car to park at any state park on National Trails Day, Saturday, June 2, National Get Outdoors Day, Saturday, June 9, and Free Fishing Weekend, Sunday, June 10.

“The free days are in keeping with legislation that created the Discover Pass,” read a statement from the commission. “The Discover Pass legislation provided that State Parks could designate up to 12 ‘free days’ when the pass would not be required to visit state parks.”

The Discover Pass only provides daytime access for visitors who are visiting by car. Passes cost $30 annually or $10 for a one-day permit and is required for day-use visitors who park on lands managed by state parks, department of fish and wildlife and department of natural resources.

Free days only apply to state parks and not land managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife or Department of Natural Resources.

In addition to the three days in June, Discover Passes are not required on Saturday, August 25 for the National Park Service Birthday; Saturday, September 22 for National Public Lands Day; and Sunday, November 11 for Veterans Day.

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  1. Actually, no vehicle access pass or Discover Pass will be required during Free Fishing Weekend to park at any of the nearly 700 water-access sites maintained by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). A Discover Pass will also not be required on Washington State Parks land throughout the weekend, but will be required on DNR lands both days. —


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