Fire safety tips..

Stay safe by following these safety tips from the state fire marshal:

Campfire Safety

Before building a campfire, always check local regulations.

Choose a safe burning site that is at least 25 feet from any structure or anything that can burn.

Keep campfires to no larger than 3-by-3 feet.

Completely extinguish a fire by having a hose, bucket of water, and/or shovel and dirt nearby.

 Barbecue Safety

Only use grills outdoors.

Keep away from the side of your house, deck railings, and hanging branches.

Always open your gas grill before lighting. Clean grills after each use.

This will remove grease accumulation that can start a fire.

Dispose of coals once they have cooled completely in a metal can with a lid.

Courtesy of the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

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