Letters to the Editor: March 8-14

The Editor:

I am questioning the intention to put a disc golf course in the beautiful natural setting of Lincoln Park. And if it is true that the Lincoln family, who generously donated the property with the stipulation that it be kept pristine – except for maintaining trails – who has the permission or authority to ignore their request?

Just a short distance down D Street we have Marine Park, a beautiful grassy park with an amphitheater, gravel trails, benches, tables overlooking the bay and a new children’s playground.

Except for the playground, I only see a few, if any, using the grassy area. So why are we allocating such an expenditure when there are other parks that could be used for disc golf? As for cutting down ivy, there are many nonprofit work parties willing to cut back ivy. But if we have such an abundance of money ($20,000) it would go far being used to facilitate ivy cutting for many years! This destruction is to accommodate disc golf players at the expense of those that would have had the opportunity to walk in a quiet, unique park unaffected by flying discs!

Who is going to stop this?

Marie Odell

The Editor:

Where can you find answers? At the Blaine Library. Friendly, helpful staff members will guide you to the resources you’re looking for. Books, magazines, videos, music, online resources […] it’s all there.

I visit the library regularly and even though it’s small, its value is quite large. I’ve requested books that come from all over Whatcom County. My family enjoys the free DVDs and we check out CDs to sample before buying them online. We’ve enjoyed many of the classes. The librarians have gone above and beyond to help with directions and information.

Thank you to everyone who support our library.

Gretel Conaway

  1. Frisbee golf in an off-leash park. What could possible go wrong?


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