Planning commission approves land-use applications for apartment complex

By Stefanie Donahue

Developers with a plan to build a four-story, 41-unit apartment complex next to Dakota Creek, at the southwest corner of Bell Road and Washington Avenue, received approval for three land-use applications from the Blaine Planning Commission at a regular meeting on January 11.

The project proposed by developer Dakota Creek LLC contains 25 two-bedroom units and 16 one-bedroom units on a 2.2-acre site south of Pacific Building Center. The developer’s representative, Latta Engineering, asked the planning commission to approve multiple permits and zoning variances.

Located in the city’s Planned Commercial District zone, the project needed a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit and variances to move forward. The requested variances included a 5-foot building height increase to 40 feet and a 15-foot reduction in the 20-foot parking setback from Washington Avenue. All three land use applications were approved.

Latta Engineering has one year to apply for a build permit, otherwise the CUP and variances expire, said Blaine community planner Alex Wenger. Applicants have the option to apply for an extension.

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