The best of Blaine police reports

Continued from last week…

August 18, 11 a.m.: A resident contacted police for advice regarding the new neighborhood felines which are trespassing at their home, fouling the flower beds and leaving lingering messy scented reminders of their impolite passing. A report was initiated and the victim given information on how the police department and the city’s animal control provider, Whatcom Humane Society, can help. The report was forwarded to WHS animal control with a request that they contact and work with the family.

August 18, 2:40 p.m.: The code enforcement officer for the city reported the 7th Street community garden has been experiencing thefts of vegetables. Officers are investigating the thefts. For those who are unaware, individuals pay rent for their spaces in the community garden in order to grow things there. A community garden does not mean anyone from the community who wants to can glean off the hard work of the gardeners.

September 1, 9:20 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to several people urinating in public. Apparently the people couldn’t hold it long enough to walk across the street to use the restrooms in any one of several nearby establishments and decided to urinate in a parking lot of a business, with their full Monty in full view to several people. Unfortunately, the vehicle had already left the area upon officers being dispatched, and either of its lewd occupants were located in the area.

September 1, 10:48 a.m.: Blaine police were dispatched to a report of a man who had been shot in the head by a nail-gun. An officer and crew from Medic One arrived to find NWFRS aid crews on-scene. Luckily for the victim, he was not shot in the head; instead, the nail-gun fell from the roof and struck the man in the head.

September 16, 9:22 a.m.: Dispatch relayed multiple reports of a man yelling at passing cars and people. An officer located the problematic pedestrian, who exhibited unusual emotional behavior but was not a clear danger to himself or others. He was warned about disorderly conduct and disturbing the Peace. The man claimed that he had only been singing as he walked, but agreed to use his inside voice for the remainder of his sojourn.

September 17, 11:37 a.m.: The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance from Blaine police with an unknown man being disorderly at a Birch Bay church. Apparently the individual was demanding that the pastor read particular scripture and was slamming his bible down. The Blaine officer arrived and was informed the individual had already left the area on foot after being asked to do so. The sheriff’s office was updated.

September 19, 5:40 a.m.: A passerby reported a possibly injured dog in the 200 block of 6th Street. Officers arrived and determined that it was not an injured dog, but rather a very large rock.

September 19, 1:45 p.m.: Blaine police responded to the 9600 block of Crest Drive for a reported house fire. Police arrived and ensured all residents were safely outside the home. Fire arrived and confirmed the “smoke” was steam evaporating from a cedar shake roof.

September 28, 4:04 p.m.: A traveler destined to Canada contacted Blaine police and asked to surrender two firearms to the police department as neither he or the country he was going to wanted the items.  An officer helped him complete the necessary documentation, and placed the weapons, ammunition and accessories in impound.

October 2, 5:41 p.m.: An officer spotted a weary traveler from Belgium who was in need of restroom facilities. Not finding one, the young man had decided to help with the city’s water bill by watering the shrubbery at 3rd and H streets with his own implement. The Belgian guest was cited and released with a criminal citation for lewd act, and the officer supplied directions to the nearest restroom for future reference.

October 20, 6:23 p.m.: A couple who had been dating for a few months broke up today. The male half decided to follow the female half from Blaine to Lynden and back to Blaine where they ended up getting into a heated argument in the 200 block of D Street. Officer arrived and determined no assaults or threats had been made nor were there orders between the two. Officer warned the male to discontinue his current pattern of behavior, as he could be arrested for stalking. The two agreed to meet the following day so the male could get his belongings from the woman.

October 22, 8:26 a.m.: A woman called police to report that her estranged husband was harassing her by trying to drop off personal items at her place of employment. The man showed police text messages where his wife asked him to come to her job and drop the items off, but she had changed her mind upon his arrival. The woman stated she has been unable to get an order against him for this type of harassment, but she refused the option of having the man trespassed from her home or work.

October 31, 7:25: Officers responded to a report of a child who had become separated from his parents while out trick or treating. While the officer was making contact with the child and the adults who had found him, his parents, who were out searching amongst the ghost and goblins for their little angel, encountered the group. The family was happily

November 5, 10:22 p.m.: Officers were requested to assist a pooch in a sticky situation. The fella was involved in a high speed pursuit of another critter, which ended abruptly when the chasee escaped under a porch and the chaser got stuck. Officers assisted with the digging out of the doggie. No animals appeared to be seriously injured during the event.

November 7, 7:27 a.m.: Blaine police were advised that a man was walking on Bayview Avenue in his underpants around 0730 hours. Officers searched for the man for a lengthy period of time, fearing for his well-being, but were unsuccessful in
locating him.

November 16, 12:19 p.m.: An officer on patrol was stopped in the 500 block of H Street when a man walked into the roadway in front of him. The man refused to move and eventually made the ‘handcuff’ hand gesture. The officer spoke with the man who claimed to be a Mexican national wanting to return home. The man then requested the Border Patrol. A nearby Border Patrol agent was asked to assist. The agent arrived, detained, and transported the man for immigration violations. Police cleared without incident.

November 26, 8:42 a.m.: Police received a 911 call from a man using an out of country code and claiming to be at Western Washington University and actively being murdered by a terrorist. Officers relayed the information to What-Comm dispatch who could not substantiate the man’s claim. What-Comm eventually transferred the information to the FBI who also was not able to verify the man’s claim.

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