Year in Review 2017: Whatcom County Council

By Barbara Brenner, Whatcom County Councilmember

Political-speak often overwhelms me so I want to concentrate on more warm, personal matters.

As always, in this holiday season I think of family, friends, trust and so many feelings I have regarding those I love. My wish for everyone is to love someone and always look for someone to help. Although this may seem corny, it is actually a pretty selfish idea. Loving unconditionally is the warmest place in the world and helping someone can give a wonderful sense of well-being and appreciation. The synergistic effect of both together can create a very peaceful state.

For some of us, this is a happy time. But for others it can be very lonely. In spite of all the fear and polarization in the world, I believe there are way more people who respond positively to kindness.

Also, since becoming a senior and because of the many meetings I have attended I have become much more aware that often, seniors are extremely vulnerable if they don’t have a friend or relative who cares enough to look out for them. Some seniors won’t express themselves for fear of being ignored or shamed. After all, aren’t seniors supposed to be there for others and not the other way around? Some simply shut down.

So my wish for Christmas, and other times is that I will try to always recognize the wealth of living experiences individuals have as they age and I am fortunate when I get to listen to those much wiser and more experienced than me. I wish you a happy time.

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