Letters to the Editor: December 7-13

The Editor: 

Hallelujah and about time! Why are people surprised about national manhandling and sexual abuse? It is past time for open discussion about a cultural problem.

Rules and retribution have their place, but we must demand that this behavior stops, not because of rules or laws, but the perverse idea that any gender has the “natural” right to attack another person.

Robert Fulghum, in “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,” wrote “Keep your hands to yourself!” Most people are taught this, but often it has been understood as assault that causes physical pain and not applicable to personal assault including non-consensual sexual touching.

It is not OK for our culture to say girls have a choice, but boys have a biological drive that makes them grasp and fondle. It is not OK for men, no matter what their status, to think they have a paternal domination right to this behavior. The vast majority of men understand rape and molestation are wrong, but some think an innocent pinch, pat or sexual reference is OK. Enough! Stop it!

The #metoo response demonstrates how many girls and women have a history of being heckled by wandering hands. Movies, jokes, bragging and demonstration aside, this behavior is not OK and needs to be morally and socially addressed.

Ladies, look the aggressor in the eye and say loudly and clearly, “That will never happen again, understand?”

Donna Starr

The Editor:

The past four years, a small group of Blaine residents including Girl Scouts have given stockings to Blaine Meals on Wheels and More recipients. Last year we added Lynden and this year we are trying to make stockings for all of Whatcom County.

What will a stocking do for the recipient? Most individuals in the program do not leave their home, therefore  loneliness occurs. The simple gift of a stocking lets them know that their community cares about them. That is where we as a community step in.

How you can help: Purchase a stocking and fill it to the brim. Please do not add high value items. Simple, practical, and fun. If you want to make a bigger impact, fill more stockings. Go out and buy stocking stuffers. Items can include pocket tissue, pocket lotion, pocket hand sanitizer, pens, small notepads, crossword-like books, small calendars, cough drops, gloves/mittens, slipper socks, candy canes, handkerchiefs, lip balm or other small inexpensive practical gifts. Buy as many of each item or tons of one item and deliver to one of our drop boxes.

Blaine – Banner Bank, 435 Martin Street.

Ferndale – Kirk Dechert Farmers Insurance, 5678 2nd Avenue.

Bellingham – Heritage Bank, 2504 E. Bakerview Road or Camp Fire Samish 1321 King Street. The first year we did this, a driver came back and said the client mentioned this was the only holiday gift they would receive. This simple act has potential to really brighten someone’s day!

For more information or questions, please text Rikki at 360/483-8163 (text preferred), leave a message or email us at drpepper5313@gmail.com.

Rikki Lazenby

The Editor:

Thank you to the person/persons who came and fixed my fence on Monday morning.

It was a wonderful surprise to come home and see that repairs had been made. I am wondering if you are Santa’s elves; you left no clues as to who you are, but I thank you and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

It just proves once again that there are truly wonderful people all around us. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Ann Wolten

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