Blaine Police Department reports: November 7-14

November 7, 3:00 p.m.: Child Protective Services requested assistance with a child interview, which they wanted to conduct in the department’s child interview room. An officer assisted the CPS worker while she conducted the child interview. The child did not disclose anything of a criminal nature during the interview. Child Protective Services found the reported incident to be unfounded and closed the file.

November 8, 1:03 p.m.: Officers tagged a possible abandoned vehicle in the 1600 Block of Grant Ave for 72-hour removal. It is unknown how long the vehicle has been in that location but the current owner has not yet transferred the title, which was issued several months ago. The vehicle is in poor condition, and the entire bed is filled with refuse, causing a possible public health concern.

November 8, 1:45 p.m.: Multiple reports were received regarding a man lying on the sidewalk, possibly injured. An officer arrived and contacted the man. The man said he was fine and was just watching a TV program on his phone. He declined any assistance.

November 8, 2 p.m.: A British Columbia resident requested assistance from Blaine Police regarding a vehicle identification number verification due to a clerical error. The vehicle was inspected at a storage facility and the VIN was verified. Documentation showing the inspection was completed.

November 8, 2:35 p.m.: A woman called police to report a man sitting on her fence yelling and acting strangely. An officer arrived and checked the area but was unable to locate the man. Based on the description of the man and his behavior, officers believe they know the suspect.

November 8, 3:55 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to the 900 block of Blaine Avenue for a disturbance. Officers learned that a Blaine resident had been yelling and creating a scene with a group of children who had been playing basketball in front of their home. Officers contacted the individual a short distance away, and he was issued a criminal citation for Disorderly Conduct and was released with a court date.

November 8, 4:10 p.m.: The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office stopped a vehicle in their jurisdiction and became suspicious of the occupants. The deputy there suspected the vehicle might have been stolen without the owner’s knowledge. A Blaine officer attempted contact with the registered owner and discovered through a neighbor that the owners had moved and the vehicle had been sold by the family’s power of attorney. That information was relayed back to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

November 9, 10:42 a.m.: A woman called to report that her friend had called her and stated she wanted to kill herself. Officers contacted the woman and eventually transported her to St. Joseph’s Hospital to speak with a mental health professional.

November 9, 1:39 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to a landlord tenant complaint. Tenant allegedly refused to leave the landlord’s residence. Officerscontacted the suspect and issued him a verbal trespass warning for the owner’s residence. The owner requested the man be charged with residential burglary. The case was forwarded to the Blaine Municipal Prosecutor’s office, who declined charges.

November 9, 3 p.m.: Officers responded to the middle school for an alleged fist fight between juveniles. The incident was investigated and an officer spoke with a parent or guardian for each of the involved boys. All wished for the school to handle the matter through administrative disciplinary actions. No criminal charges are being considered at this time.

November 9, 5:30 p.m.: A motorist called police to report a possibly impaired motorist eastbound on H street. An officer checked the area but was not able to locate the vehicle. Information was also provided to the Sheriff’s Office.

November 9, 5:48 p.m: An officer was dispatched to a blocking disabled vehicle in the 2000 block of Sweet Rd. Police arrived to find the vehicle already clear of the roadway. A group of friends was able to help the man start his car, and the officer cleared without incident.

November 10, 5:53 a.m.: Officers responded to a report of malfunctioning train crossing arm which was causing a back up of traffic. BNSF was notified of the issue. Prior to police arrival, the malfunction was corrected and traffic cleared on its own.

November 10, 12:00 p.m.: Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person. A person in his front yard observed a man walking by. The man was pointing an empty hand, held up like a gun, at numerous houses in the area. The reporting person did not feel threatened or observe any criminal

actions. The man did want the behavior documented as he felt it was very strange. Officers contacted the suspect, who is well known to police to have strange behaviors.

November 10, 1:31 p.m.: Officers responded to a local business for a report of a shoplift that occurred the previous day. Two men stole several items. Employees were able to provide good descriptions of the suspects, and officers are investigating.

November 10, 8:04 p.m.: A security alarm company called to report a business in Blaine had an alarm going off. Officers arrived and checked the exterior of the building and found the business to be secure with no signs of criminal activity. Officers did notice several balloons floating around in the

break room where the alarm was set off. A false alarm notification was sent to the business, and the alarm company was advised of the offending orbs.

November 10, 9:10 p.m.: An employee of a business reported a vehicle was parked in their lot, and there was a woman sleeping in it. Officers arrived, contacted the woman and determined she was not injured, but very tired. She said she fell asleep while waiting for her friend to pick her up. The

officer stood by until the friend arrived, because he felt it was not safe for her to drive, and her Washington State driver’s license was suspended.

November 11, 8:37 a.m.: Officers on patrol observed a vehicle with expired tabs and a date of sale over 133 days before. The vehicle was then observed failing to properly use a turn lane. The vehicle was stopped for numerous issues, and, in addition, the driver was found to have a suspended driver’s license. The driver was arrested, cited and released with a mandatory court date. The vehicle was impounded for the registered owner to claim.

November 11, 7:17 p.m.: An officer was dispatched from a domestic dispute to a hit and run, car vs. pedestrian collision with injury. An intoxicated pedestrian was walking southbound in the area of Peace Portal Drive and Bayview when he was struck by a vehicle. The victim was transported to the ER with serious but non-life threatening injuries. The WSP was called to assist with the felony hit and run investigation.

November 11, 6:11 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to a possible physical domestic dispute occurring between adult family members who were residing together. An officer arrived and investigated the incident before being called to another priority call. It appears the adult daughter began yelling and causing a disturbance in the home while the family watched a college football game. Eventually, all sanity left the home, and the mother and daughter got into a mutual squabble over the ownership of a cell phone. Neither party was injured during the incident.All parties separated for the night and the daughter agreed to move the next day. The mother stated her intent to begin the eviction

process on the daughter.

November 12, 1:39 a.m.: Dispatch reported the fire department was in route to help a person who was having a mental break down and wanted to go to the hospital. Officer arrived and assisted the person until the fire department arrived. Person was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

November 12, 12:35 p.m.: A Blaine resident called 911 to request an ambulance for her adult son who had fallen in the 800 Block of 4th Street. Officers provided emergency medical assessment while the aid crew responded. Once aid was on scene and had the man loaded into the ambulance

for examination police officers cleared.

November 12, 12:55 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to the 800 Block of Adelia Street to assist in a civil matter. The reporting party was complaining about a family member moving out of the home and being less than courteous in their moving manners. Officer explained the civil aspects to

both parties and left the home after warning both parties to remain separated for the remainder of the move.

November 12, 5:04 p.m.: Blaine police responded to the Peace Arch POE for a report of a suspended driver. An officer arrived and confirmed the driver was suspended. The driver was arrested, cited and released with a mandatory court date. The man’s wife, who had a valid driver’s license, agreed to drive for the duration of their expedition.

November 12, 9:26 p.m.: Officers were advised of a 911 hang up from a prepaid phone. Officers arrived in the area but did not hear or see anything abnormal. Officers contacted a residence with a large family who was having dinner and baking cookies. All persons in the home seemed to be in good spirits. Officers then cleared the area.

November 13, 5:55 a.m.: Blaine Police responded to an audible alarm at the Blaine Community Center. Officers located an unlocked door, searched the building but found nothing amiss. Public Works was contacted to secure the building.

November 13, 8:13 p.m.: Officers were notified that NWFRS was responding to a possible structure fire. Officers arrived on scene before fire personnel and evacuated the top floor of the building. NWFRS arrived on scene but did not locate the source of the fire. It was presumed to be a cooking issue. Officers cleared without further action.

November 14, 2:40 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to an individual at the Peace Arch POE who may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Officers arrived and spoke with the individual. Officers determined the individual was not under the influence but may have mental issues. The individual was then release on scene by US Customs.

November 14, 3:48 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to a suspicious person at a local business. The reporting party stated they observed an individual walking in and out of a motor home on the property and thought it was suspicious. Officers arrived in the area but did not locate any suspicious

persons or activities.


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