Letters to the editor: November 2-8

The Editor:

On October 23, Blaine City Council met. Before the regular meeting, council members had an open public 2018 budget session that involved the Capital Improvement Plan. The meeting dealt with the needs of Blaine parks, the wastewater system, water system, electric utility, street maintenance and general city construction funds. The budget involves millions of dollars in funding.

It is obvious that there are going to be many hard decisions to be made as the budget process continues. The current council members, including those running for reelection and city staff were the only attendees of the meeting.

Ray Wilkett

The Editor:

To those folks who really care about helping our community – if you haven’t voted, vote for Justin Ledesma, Alicia Rule and Eric Davidson.

Ledesma and Hrutfiord are running against Hawkins – a possible split vote; we could get stuck with Hawkins for four more years. We can’t afford four more years with this type of leadership. Maybe the guy is a great fellow, but as a visionary leader, I don’t see it.

In the 23 years I’ve been in business in Blaine, only two city councilors have ever been in my store – Bonnie Onyon, when I first started to fight to save the passenger rail stop, and Clark Cotner, when we were trying to help our community and its reputation by simply adding Harbor to our town name.

After dealing with the folks running Blaine, Clark was so frustrated that the poor fellow returned to Georgetown, Texas. He was progressive and forward thinking!

We lose good people and opportunities right and left; the status quo isn’t working in Blaine!

Instead of welcoming your ideas and suggestions, they thwart any possibility of putting them into action; they’re arrogant bullies who negate you and don’t listen or care!

It’s unwelcoming behavior to say the least and must change.

Enough is enough, voting for the wrong candidates hurts this town and its ability to become a town that is functional! Vote for change and quit hurting Blaine’s chances to succeed.

If you care about your town’s future, vote for Alicia Rule to replace Robinson, Justin Ledesma to replace Charlie Hawkins and Eric Davidson to replace Paul Greenough, also vote for Michael Shepard, the only candidate running for the Port of Bellingham who reached out to me and wanted to include the Amtrak passenger rail stop in his campaign.

We have a new police chief starting November 1 and I welcome him to Blaine and look forward to positive change on the law enforcement side of things.

This is an important election, and if you’ve been downtown lately you’ll agree that we need new forward thinking and positive, welcoming leadership. No more “more of the same!”

Bill Becht, business owner

The Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Alicia Rule as Blaine City Council member at-large, and encourage you to do the same by voting for her. I have known Alicia for over 35 years. We were classmates back in the day. Through those school years she served people. Her higher concern was often putting others first. The years since then have proved those qualities as primary to who Alicia is at heart. Alicia holds families and community in high regard.

Before moving to Blaine, Alicia worked in the social service sector of her town. She gave time and energy away to families and kids who were in need. She did the hard work to make families and communities healthy. Upon moving to Blaine, Alicia delivered a “welcome” meal to our family before we could even get one to hers.

Within months of calling Blaine home, Alicia launched a social media campaign called “Blaine Helps.” Take a minute to find it on Facebook and notice all the names of your Blaine neighbors who have been served by this grassroots resource. Now Alicia has a vision to serve her community – our community – by taking on a leadership role on the city council.

Alicia sees enormous potential for the city of Blaine. In the decade my family has lived in Blaine much has been said about revitalizing downtown, developing east Blaine, and creating community identity. However, while there’s been some, we haven’t seen enough movement or leadership in those areas from the top down. We have seen a few businesses join the community. Yet, at the same time, we have seen several leave. Top down leadership doesn’t seem to be getting very far.

Someone has said, “If serving is beneath you, leadership is beyond you.” Alicia has proved to be a leader in our community through her willingness to be a servant in our community. I hope you’ll choose to vote for Alicia Rule as Blaine City Council member at-large.

Andy Weeda, pastor

The Editor: 

Big shout out to Brenda Brooks-Gelwicks for supporting our community through monthly line dances.

Each month around 40-50 of us go to a locally-owned business and have fun and dance.

Thanks, Brenda. You rock.

Leslie Kaeufer

The Editor: 

By November 7, please take five minutes to open your voter package and vote yes for the Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District (BBBPRD) levy.

A yes vote provides a strong sense of community worth because park and recreations helps stitch together the fabric of our society.

Everyone can participate in BBBPRD programs, use the playgrounds and the activity center in Birch Bay and use the new pavilion next to the Blaine Senior Center across from the high school.

BBBPRD strives to build a sense of pride and respect of our communities’ worth through walking trails, bike paths and seaside parks but the real impact is on programs that are available for every citizen from preschool to seniors who attend line dancing and Zumba, strength training, yoga, karate, basketball, future reclamation of ball fields and development of seaside playgrounds, picnic facilities and Friday night family movies are some of the programs worthy of support from your community heart.

Renters and homeowners combined all benefit from the activities and programs that are available. A yes vote helps build our community and make these and more benefits available for all to participate. Support the BBBPRD community and make Blaine and Birch Bay the place to be happy and fulfilled.

This November don’t throw away your ballot. Spend five minutes and make your vote count. Vote yes for the kid next door and the working couple who’s thankful for the many activities that bring us together.

Vote yes for the hard working single mom who feels appreciated because her child gets daycare while she works out. Vote yes for the seniors who’ll have programs to attend during retirement.

The benefits are obvious and we have so much to gain! It makes sense to vote yes.

David Allen

The Editor:

I enjoin everyone in east and west Blaine to cast their votes for Harry Robinson, Paul Greenough and Charlie Hawkins in the upcoming city council election. All three are incumbents and have served our community in a most benevolent capacity.

Having once served on the council in a past time, I can assure all of you that these three will continue to serve you in a most diligent, ongoing and accomplishing way. Everyone wants to see Blaine continue to improve – I guarantee all of you that the foregoing three will continue their efforts to achieve that goal.

Mike Myers

The Editor:

With the election coming to a close, we would once again ask anyone who has not yet voted, to vote yes for the Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District levy. We need to continue the partnership between the recreation district and the city. We have the “Pirate Park” because of it. Please vote yes. Thank you.

Charlie and Marsha Hawkins

The Editor:

Barry Wegner is an outstanding candidate for Bellingham port commissioner. With 43 years of public service, Barry has worked at the Washington State Department of Ecology to protect our shorelines and water quality. Locally he was deeply involved with the construction of the Taylor Street Dock and the removal of toxic creosote from Bellingham Bay. And he successfully managed a shellfish operation for four years.

Once elected, Barry will first address the problem of contaminated waterfront sites by securing funding for an accelerated clean-up. Moreover, he will work to expand our family-wage job base, attract clean energy and high-tech companies, and advocate for mixed-use sustainable development. We are indeed fortunate to have such a competent, knowledgeable and experienced candidate. Vote Barry Wegner for Bellingham port commissioner, District 2. He will get the job done.

Warren Sheay

The Editor:

Another election; unfortunately, people tend to ignore these elections even though it is their right and privilege to vote. All of the ballots are out. A recent survey I saw showed 60 percent of all voters were undecided at this time. These races are vitally important to our economic well-being and deserve careful attention to the candidates running.

I strongly urge that you vote for Mary Kay Robinson for Whatcom County Council at large position. Mary Kay is articulate, smart and eager to become involved in the items, particularly those that involve private property rights. This is a topic that has been near and dear to her for 20 years, while working as a banker and realtor. Please cast your vote for Mary Kay Robinson.

Bill Henshaw

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