Blaine Police Department reports: October 5-9

October 5, 12:04 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to an aid call for a subject who claimed to have jumped out of a moving vehicle on I5. Officers arrived at a local motel and contacted the 26-year-old man. Shortly after, aid personnel arrived on scene and ultimately transported the subject to the hospital.

October 5, 8 a.m.: Officers were flagged down by a motorist. The woman was alleging an incident of road rage on I5. Officers located the other half of the problem and provided the information to WSP for follow up.

October 5, 8:30 a.m.: An officer was flagged down and advised that vehicles are speeding in the 200 block of Marine Drive on daily basis. It was reported that drivers are speeding between 0715 and 0730 in the morning. Information was passed on to officers for extra patrol as able.

October 5, 10:14 a.m.: The Blaine Police Department assisted the Everett Police Department in attempting to contact a Blaine resident. Everett PD had been sent to a vehicle with a deceased person inside. Blaine officers contacted the registered owner and discovered the vehicle belonged to a funeral service company. Everett PD was contacted with the information, which was confirmed when the driver returned to the vehicle with proper paper work.

October 5, 2 p.m.: USBP contacted a person who had just illegally entered the US, and had been observed entering the Blaine school campus. Officers responded to assist. The man had no legitimate reason to be on school grounds and was issued a verbal trespass on behalf of the

school. The man stated his understanding. No further assistance was needed and officers cleared.

October 5, 3:34 p.m.: Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle with two occupants The driver was found to have a suspended license and had been observed driving the vehicle by another officer. The driver was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and was arrested for both PCS and DWLS. The passenger was found to have a felony DOC warrant and was also arrested. The vehicle was impounded for the registered owner to retrieve.

October 5, 9:11 a.m.: A person reported she suspected a woman of operating a motor vehicle while driving under the influence. An officer located the vehicle and contacted the driver. The officer determined the woman was under the influence and arrested her for DUI. The 28-year-old was later booked into jail.

October 6, 11:45 a.m.: An officer responded to a vehicle partially blocking the roadway in the 2200 block of Bell Road. An officer arrived and found that something mechanically broke in the front of the vehicle causing it to go off of the roadway. Blaine towing arrived and towed the vehicle at the owner’s request.

October 5, 11 a.m.: Officers responded to an ongoing traffic complaint of a vehicle speeding through a neighborhood each day at approximately the same time. An officer sat in the area and observed two vehicles matching the description of the offending vehicle, but neither vehicle committed any traffic violations on that day.

October 6, 4:18 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to a residential structure fire in the 1500 block of B street. Officers arrived to find the home’s garage fully involved with flames shooting above the roof line of the home. The officer assisted the home owners in gathering pets before

evacuating the scene. Fire crews from NWFRS, Lynden and several other agencies arrived to battle the fire. Luckily for the homeowners the fire was contained to the garage and did not spread to the home. The garage and its contents are a total loss. The value of the loss is not yet known. Police and Border Patrol units closed the streets for the duration of the incident.

October 6, 9:45 p.m.: Person reported he was walking home from the football game with his two children when a person walking with his dog allowed his dog off the leash. When the person asked the dog owner to put his dog back on a leash the owner started to yell at him and used profanity. The owner of the dog eventually picked it up, but proceeded to push the dog towards the father. The father and his kids left the area. Officer contacted the owner and advised him he needed to keep his dog on a leash at all times, and to try and control his language because he had scared the family. Owner said he was sorry for cursing, but denied intentionally allowing his dog off his leash. Owner said that was an accident.

October 6, 11:05 p.m.: Officers observed a vehicle pull at the turn out at the intersection of Hughes Ave and Yew Ave. Officers ran the plate and discovered the tabs were expired in 2016. Officers stopped the vehicle and discovered the driver to be DWLS 3rd Degree. Subject was cited and released on scene. Vehicle was impounded by Blaine Towing.

October 7, 9:31 a.m.: Officers on patrol observed a vehicle being driven by a person known to have a warrant through the Blaine courts. The vehicle was stopped, driver identified and found to also have a suspended license. The driver was issued a criminal citation for the driving offense and booked into jail on the warrant. A licensed driver was on hand to remove the vehicle from the location.

October 7, 2:35 p.m.: Officers took an Ebay scam report in the 300 block of H Street. A fraudulent Ebay seller set up a fake internet site that looked similar to the real Ebay. A fake phone number of 872-216-8099 was listed as well. Ebay said that the site and phone number were not affiliated with them. The victim supplied Ebay gift cards as payment and is currently working with Ebay to have the funds he transferred frozen. The victim thought he was purchasing a lawn mower from out of state.

October 8, 3:20 p.m.: A Blaine resident came to the police department to turn over some ammunition she found alongside a city street. The ammunition was taken into custody and will be disposed of according to law.

October 8, 9:15 p.m.: A person reported that she is being repeatedly harassed by her neighbors. She called police after finding trash on her car that had apparently been thrown out of her upstairs neighbor’s window. Officers spoke to the neighbors and advised them to stop throwing trash out of their window and to not harass their neighbor in any way.  Five minutes later, officers were called back when the upstairs neighbors started stomping around upstairs and cussing loudly. This time, the reporting person did not want officers to speak to the

neighbors, but only to document her complaint. Officers remained in the area for some time until the situation seemed to have calmed.

October 8, 11:24 p.m.: A person attempting to enter the US from Canada was found to be driving with a suspended license. The person was arrested, issued a criminal citation and released with a court date. A licensed driver was available to drive the car away, so it was not impounded.

October 9, 10:15 a.m.: A man brought in a bag with several watches and other jewelry inside. He brought in an estimate of the value and wishes to claim the property if the owner is not found.

October 9, 4:03 p.m.: A Blaine resident called the police to report an aggressive dog off leash that belonged to another resident down the street. An officer observed a photograph of the off leash animal and contacted the owner. The officer was greeted at the driveway by the animal in

question. The owner was advised of the leash law and since this was an ongoing issue charges will be forwarded to the city prosecutor for a charge of dog at large.

October 9, 6:36 p.m.: A Blaine resident called the police to report a hound showed up on his property and he does not know who the owner is. An officer took custody of the animal and determined owner information through its embedded chip. An attempt will be made to contact the owner.


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