Letters to the editor: September 20-27

The Editor:

I appreciate the verbal shotgun blast by Kay Warner. My turn.

I believe I had a marvelous conversation with Mr. Becht in his store one day and he is a very interesting man. I am not sure why he thinks traffic laws are arbitrary and we should decide how and if we should stop at stop signs. Police monitor freeways, stop signs, etc. and if legitimate fines increase revenue for, say, accident prevention, then I cannot see this as destroying any business but improving public safety. If a driver rolls through a stop sign in front of a cop, then this suggests poor eyesight, poor judgment or poor driving skills. Please give this one a ticket!

Unlike Ms. Warner, I love driving in Canada. They do drive fast when roads are not cluttered with rush hour traffic, which is to say, not much chance down here. Noisy and reckless drivers are everywhere which is a shame because they do cause most

The border patrol? We may need to monitor their tactics (or enthusiasm) but always bearing in mind the current risks of a new drug trade with fatal consequences at an epidemic level. This seems to be a result of U.S. medical management policies that has brought pain medications across our border. This is a very different problem from recreational drug addictions with faces different than usual smugglers. Thus, the patrol may need to refine their policies which may require our patience. All the same, I strongly agree that any person deserves to be treated with respect until proven not to deserve it.

Hmm, a lot of great things about Blaine, but I think the best may be the summer concerts in Peace Arch Park or the marina where amazing ships pass by.

Sharon L. Robinson

The Editor: 

Like many, I was sad to hear about the early death of Dennis Hill. Blaine school staff and students have Dennis to thank for their quiet learning environment with the closure of the Blaine Airport. The airport property has future development potential as Blaine grows.

When I initiated opposition to the airport expansion, I contacted Dennis and he quickly gathered a team of local residents who opposed expansion. Dennis further researched the issue, conversed with local officials, FAA officials and the media; he made himself valuable at our numerous team meetings.

Community activists like Dennis, who can take the public heat, are always needed. The airport closure was probably Blaine’s most contentious issue of the last 20 years.

Thanks Dennis.

Bruce Hanson

The Editor:

Dear friends and neighbors, please be sure to vote yes for the Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 (BBBPRD) levy by November 7. With a property tax levy of 10 cents per $1,000 of assessed value for six years, it’s the best $20 a year on a $200,000 assessment you can possibly spend for 12 months of unique and varied recreation.

Whether you are interested in community recreation, sports opportunities, classes, exercise (including indoor and outdoor recreation facilities), playgrounds and multicultural events – you can’t go wrong supporting this very reasonable levy.

This past Labor Day weekend, Cathy and I coordinated the arrival of native canoes, along with native singing and dancing in full regalia in both Blaine and Birch Bay. BBBPRD helped to support our efforts to bring people together under our theme of “Communities Pulling Together.”

Our theme seems to sum up our experience with our parks district.  They are responsible with the money they receive from the community, and in turn they bring all facets of our community together with opportunities to participate in a growing array of park and recreation experiences.

Please help them to continue the good work they do for everyone in the Blaine-Birch Bay communities by voting yes for the BBBPRD levy.

Ron Snyder

The Editor: 

Blaine is a very special place. I moved here about a year-and-a-half ago with my wife and, quite frankly, would like to stay put.

Here are some of the things I’ve come to love about this town: pool tables at most of the restaurants; a friendly neighborhood pot store that hosts good parking lot concerts; a gas station that blares old, danceable music; all of the schools in one huge block; sunsets over the water; delicious oysters; the library; the marina; inexpensively, good Chinese and Thai food; good breakfast places; old neighborhoods with variety and character; Fourth of July hijinks; Plover rides and Blaine police reports, of course.

Heck, I even like most of the birds here. Not the seagulls, though – let’s not get crazy.

Jeremy Lott

The Editor: 

I would like to encourage the voters of the Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District to say yes to the levy continuation on the November 7 ballot.

I say this because I, and all the new friends I’ve made playing pickleball three mornings a week, would like to continue having fun and getting good exercise at the same time.

Your yes vote will be greatly appreciated.

Kathy Berg
Birch Bay

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