Things to consider when your pet escapes

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Not even the closest bond between a pet and its owner can prevent an animal’s innate desire to pursue adventure outdoors; if your pet escapes from home, consider these steps to ensure it’s back by
your side in no time:

Stay alert. If you’ve paid to microchip or tag your pet, make yourself available. Your phone and address are listed on a pet’s identification chip or tag, so be sure your phone volume is on high and that you or a person you trust stays at home to
watch the door.

Search your home. When in doubt, be sure to check the nooks and crannies of your home. Ask your roommates where they last saw your pet. If that doesn’t work, try luring your pet by rattling the food dish or treat jar.

Get the word out. If your pet is still eluding your gaze, pull out your phone and get to work. Start calling your friends, family and neighbors to ask if they’ve seen your pet. Post a quick inquiry on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Consider publishing an ad on the Craigslist “lost and found” or “pet” page with a photo and detailed description. Or, try out the old-fashioned way by posting flyers in your area.

Some websites like or will send notifications to businesses in the area for a price.

Take a look around your neighborhood. It’s always best to search near your home. Your pet will likely respond to your voice. Bring a photo of your pet to show neighbors and friends and encourage others to help.

Check your nearest animal shelter. In Whatcom County, many lost pets are taken to the Whatcom Humane Society, located at 2172 Division Street in Bellingham.

Identification of lost pets can only be done in person. Photos of your missing pet can also be posted to the lost pet report board, located
at the facility.

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