Letters to the Editor: September 14-20

The Editor:

Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 benefits the people of my church, Water’s Edge, and Water’s Edge Church by doing various volunteering within our community throughout the year. I am writing this letter to urge you to pass the park and recreation levy on November’s general election ballot.

I believe that love is the key to happiness. And that without love and without Jesus, there is not much to live for. I attend Water’s Edge Church not only for the satisfaction of being there amongst what I consider my adoptive family, but because I know that Christ is with us, and we are honored to be with him.

The love in our church family is so real and so sincere; I know it pleases God. We care for one another. My pastor Jim Carberry exuberates love. The love he has for his congregation is perfectly mirrored in the way that everyone loves and accepts one another from the heart.

I guess I can sum up what Water’s Edge Church means to me by saying my church is a little piece of heaven that God has gifted me. It is a little window, glimpse if you may, of love, understanding, and sweet fellowship that I know awaits us in Heaven.

You see, parks and recreation does much more than offer us a place to worship. They have multiple opportunities for people of all ages. I hope that you will seriously think about all it has to offer, and vote to pass this levy.

Samantha Syrnich



The Editor:

Whew! A few weeks without a letter to you from the Bill Becht institute of commercial dynamics and school of driving! Clearly, the city of Blaine and the police department must be on the path to recovery and avoidance from the above! Congrats and support to both.

Neil McLeod



The Editor:

When I return from a long trip to Asia, I always read the issues I missed. One issue had an article by Mr. Grubb apparently justifying your reading his newspaper. He does not allow criticism in letters to be published. He has edited out or rejected letters submitted by me.

First was the issue of the Birch Bay Steering Committee; he refused to accept proof of its ceasing to operate which happened many years ago. He continued to publish their meeting schedule years after this until I notified [their office] of the error.

Mr. Grubb’s comment to me in this regard was I was the only person concerned about the non-existence of this committee. This was after I criticized him for publishing an end of the year article a few years ago. Of course, no one except for a few persons knew about this issue as he made every effort to conceal the demise of the Steering Committee.

Then he told me he did not understand why I connected our incorporation with getting our own post office. My point was simple. There are just seven cities in Whatcom County and they all have post offices. There are many CDPs in our county including Birch Bay. Two CDPs have their own post office – Custer and Point Roberts. In my conversation with the Ferndale postmaster recently she made it clear we will not be able to transfer our postal service away from Blaine. I plan to submit a proposal to our Federal House of Representatives in Bothell.

Recently, he rejected in full my letter and gave no explanation. I had submitted a valid criticism of the failure to properly address a $50 reduction in our property taxes which turned out for me to be a $4 reduction due to appraisal value increases which the newspaper failed to address in their article.

Two times my letter did not get published and his reply was that he was traveling and the person involved no longer worked there. How is that for responsibility?

Mickey Masdeo

Birch Bay, WA

(Publisher’s Note: This newspaper’s letter to the editor policy is clearly stated on the masthead and website. All letters that adhere to the policy are welcome and will be published. This policy, as well as the need for accuracy, has been pointed out to the letter writer above on numerous occasions.)


The Editor:

I recently bought one of those “Wrist-Rocket” slingshots because I always wanted one as a kid but could never afford one. I set up a target in my back yard and in short order proceeded to lose all the steelshot ammo that came with the slingshot. I gathered a bunch of smooth rocks off the beach to use for ammo, but as they were not perfectly round, my accuracy (such as it is) suffered. I bought more steel shot ammo, but it is expensive, so I hung a heavy blanket behind my target to catch any shots that missed or went through the target. Still, some ammo was lost every target practice session. I began to doubt whether I could afford to buy enough steel shot ammo to become skilled enough to not lose my ammo!

I hit upon the solution at the dollar store. For only one dollar I can buy a big bag of perfectly spherical glass slingshot ammo. I still lose some each time I practice but I am getting better. The only thing is, the other day I was wandering around in the back yard staring at the ground, searching for those few missing shots that always seem to somehow bounce off the target or out of the blanket and into the weeds, and it occurred to me that I had literally, if not figuratively, lost my marbles.

Jeff Sterling

Birch Bay

The Editor:

Water is a hot issue in this county and has been for a long time.  In 1917, we saw “first in time, first in right” applied to the Washington State Surface Water Code; in 1945, we saw instituted the “hydraulic continuity concept” that groundwater is not a property right; 1985 was when it was recognized that certain stream flow was needed to preserve wildlife, fish, scenic, aesthetic and navigational values, as well as recreation, industry, agricultural, home needs and water quality.

The state legislature can make some decisions about water such as what constitutes quality stream flow and basic water availability for vested interest needs. On the federal level, basic rules are sometimes best interpreted and applied by the state. Each county needs to be in control of specifics based on their differing interest needs. Omak in Okanogan County has very different needs from Ferndale in Whatcom County.

The Hirst ruling mandates that Whatcom County be responsible for their own water decisions. We don’t know who is using what continuity water and how much. Should we meter? We don’t know where drilling most affects surface stream flow, hydrology studies and specific permitting. We do know that the days of just drilling and sucking up “private water” must come to an end. While we may not like it, we must address this county’s dwindling water resources now.

Donna Starr



The Editor:

I take great interest in Blaine, which is why I urge citizens to return mayor Harry Robinson to his council seat.

I’ve lived in your city, work there each summer on the faculty of the Drayton Harbor Music Festival and serve today as mayor to your nearest city to the south, Ferndale.

I work with Harry year-round to serve the best interests of Whatcom’s smaller cities. Harry is relentless in his guarding of Blaine’s interests: coming up with creative solutions to challenges, making sure the city’s needs are met and providing positive and thoughtful representation for your citizens before the county and elsewhere.

I’ve watched Blaine grow over three decades and you’re on the right course. He’s been your mayor for several years (reflecting your council’s confidence by appointing him to that role) and you need his continued experience and expertise. Re-elect Harry Robinson.

Jon R. Mutchler


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