September named “Senior Center Month” in Blaine

Blaine mayor Harry Robinson presents a proclamation to Blaine Senior Center director Kathy Sitker. Photo by Ravyn Whitewolf.

By Stefanie Donahue

In recognition of the Blaine Senior Center and its members, Blaine mayor Harry Robinson penned a proclamation that designates September 2017 as
“Senior Center Month” in Blaine.

“The Blaine Senior Center has acted as a catalyst for mobilizing the creativity, energy, vitality and commitment of the older residents of Blaine,” Robinson’s proclamation stated.

“Through a wide array of services, programs and activities, the senior center empowers the older residents of Blaine to contribute to their own health and well-being, as well as the health and well-being of their fellow community members of all ages.”

The proclamation was presented to Blaine Senior Center director Kathy Sitker on August 28. It calls all residents to recognize the contributions made by the senior center and support its assistance to older generations.

“Older Americans are significant members of our society, providing wisdom and experience to help enrich the lives of younger generations,” Robinson wrote.

“The senior center in Blaine affirms the dignity, self-worth and independence of older persons by facilitating their decisions and actions, tapping their experiences, skill and knowledge and enabling their continued contributions to the community.”

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