Floating crane from Tacoma at work in Blaine

A floating crane in Blaine. Photo by Ruth Lauman.

By Oliver Lazenby

The American Construction Company floating crane arrived in Blaine last week to work on piers in the industrial area at the end of Marine Drive.

The Tacoma-based company is working to resurface and bring new electrical cables and bull rails (rails lifted above the dock surface for tying up boats) to the north and south piers. The floating crane is driving new timber pilings for the piers.

The project will add space to the piers and increase the amount of weight they can handle. Work is scheduled to finish by October, in time for commercial crab fishers to use the piers.

On June 6, The Port of Bellingham awarded the company an $899,389 contract, including contingency money, for the second phase of a three-part project in the marine industrial area.

In addition to rebuilding the north and south piers, the second phase includes work on the sawtooth dock on the east side of the industrial area, two new sewage pump-out floats at marina gates 1 and 2 and replacing existing utility hangers in gate 3.

The floating crane will stay in Blaine into October for work on the sawtooth dock, on the east side of the industrial area, Blaine harbormaster Andy Peterson said.

The entire second phase is scheduled to finish by November 30, according to the Port of Bellingham schedule.

Port officials said in June that they’ve seen increased demand for marine industrial property in Blaine Harbor.

  1. Thank you Port of Bellingham for completing this work. Increased demand for marine industrial property in Blaine Harbor is great news for our city.


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