Native canoe families join for “Communities Pulling Together”

Semiahmoo, Lummi and G’ana’k’w canoe families gathered in Birch Bay and Blaine to paddle through local waters and participate in traditional dances, potlatches and campfires. The event was called “Communities Pulling Together,” and took place September 2-4.

Members of the public were encouraged to participate in some of the events as well.

The Haandei I Jin Tlingit traditional dance group performed in full regalia at Discover Birch Bay Days on Saturday and later on Sunday at Marine Park. Throughout the event, paddlers traversed through Birch Bay and also around Drayton Harbor and Dakota Creek.

On Sunday, canoe families hosted a traditional dinner and hosted a public campfire. On the final day of the event, the public was invited to attend a picnic lunch.

Photos by Chuck Kinzer, Cathy Taggett and Debbie Harger.

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