Gear up for sports season

Whatever your outdoor athletic passions, the fall season is an ideal time of year to get out and enjoy them. Whether you are hiking a trail or training for a fall marathon, this great gear can help you before, during and after your next big activity:

You are likely well-versed in the need for sunscreen and bug spray, but all endurance athletes should use one more essential skincare item: chafing and blister prevention products. While there are many name-brand glides and gels on the market, a thin layer of petroleum jelly applied to areas prone to irritation often works just as well.

Consider carrying a time piece to keep you on track and your hands free. Many have GPS devices built-in for an added bonus.

The benefits of a foam roller are numerous, and no fall athlete should be without this simple tool. After a long workout, hike or training session, use a foam roller to help reduce muscle tightness and recover faster, so you can get back to your favorite activities sooner.

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