Blaine alumnus cut from NFL team

Blaine High School graduate Andrew Price practicing with the Detroit Lions in August. Photo courtesy of the Detroit Lions

By Oliver Lazenby

After a week of practice, Blaine native Andrew Price was released from the Detroit Lions lineup on August 24 to make room for new hires on the team.

Getting a spot on the roster may have been a long shot for Price; he was one of nine tight ends with the Lions during the pre-season, as the team worked to find backups for several injured players.

Price has said in interviews that he hopes to keep playing football until he can’t any longer. His backup plan? He graduated from University of Las Vegas-Nevada with a degree in kinesiology in May 2016 and plans to go to medical school.

Price fell in love with football the first time he played the sport at the Boys & Girls Club in Blaine, he said. He played football for Blaine middle and high schools.

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