Letters to the editor: August 24-30

The Editor:

We were on vacation last week collecting squished pennies from around the state. We made a special trip up to Blaine on August 11 because of a glowing report about Bill Becht and the Horseshoe Coins and Antiques shop on pennycollector.com.

We were not disappointed! We found Mr. Becht to be informative and helpful. Unfortunately, we did not have time to stay and explore his fascinating shop with all its treasures. We will make sure that we make time to go back to Blaine to visit his shop and explore the town. Your town has a real gem in his place!

Nola Harrison

The Editor:

Since our small border town is heavily dominated by government entities (city, county, school, federal government, port, etc.) The Northern Light is doing a great job reporting on what is happening at these various public agencies. But something important is missing, especially if Blaine wants to have a vibrant downtown again.

Where is the business news? Occasionally we learn of a new doctor or dentist coming to town, or a hardware store closing. But what is new with the current businesses and industries? What do they need to stay in business and prosper? Are they planning to expand and hire more
workers? These businesses and industries contribute significant amounts of taxes to our local economy yet rarely if ever get credit.

So, while we learn every week on how public agencies spend the tax dollars, should not the newspaper give equal time to the tax producers?

Elisabeth Angell

The Editor:

Wow! We are so pleased that the community came out in droves and supported our Summer Fun in the Park event on August 26! Pat Freeman, Cory Crews, Smuggler’s Inn, Atwood Ales and Glenn Tuski all graciously donated their time and/or resources and we are very appreciative!

It was truly a collaborative effort and we wish we could recognize all the people/groups who helped out. Please know that we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

We are already looking forward to August 2018 – hope to see you there!

Jen Freeman and Leah Crews
Windermere Real Estate

The Editor:

The mayor of Bellingham and all council members recently decided to find another way to be offended and removed the long-standing plaque commemorating Confederate General George E. Pickett from the former Pickett Bridge over Whatcom Falls, as well as signs directing visitors to the Pickett home., all in the name of erasing or twisting history to fit their leftist agenda.

Seems that after 100 years of being esteemed as one of our local founders, the mayor and council suddenly realized that General Pickett had committed the unpardonable offense of fighting for Virginia during the Civil War.

While all honorable people abhor the institution of slavery during the formative years of our nation, it is a historical fact. Attempts to erase historical events and personages from the collective conscience by tearing down monuments is undertaking a fool’s errand that is reminiscent of the purges undertaken in the Soviet Union and China by emerging Communist (read socialist) governments. Who was it that said one who ignores history is bound to repeat it again?

All from the same city government that can’t find a way to prominently honor its namesake, Sir William Bellingham, for some dubious politically correct reason, while celebrating its bronze sculpture of the scoundrel “Dirty” Dan Harris in Fairhaven.

Patrick J. Guimond

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