Partial solar eclipse dazzles audiences in Western Washington

Kevin Jablowski, l., Mielle Andruscavage, Meghan Andruscavage, c., and Myca Andruscavage, r., view the much-awaited solar eclipse in downtown Blaine on August 21. Western Washington experienced a partial eclipse, whereas a band spanning from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina experienced a total eclipse. These observers used special glasses and a pinhole projector get a view. Photo by Stefanie Donahue.

People throughout Blaine and Birch Bay stepped outside to view the partial eclipse on August 21. Whether it was with special eclipse glasses or welding masks, many were able to view the moon partially pass before the sun.

Cities along a path from Lincoln City, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina experienced a total eclipse. The last total eclipse to cross the entire country took place in 1918, according to NASA.

The total solar eclipse began at 10:15 a.m. PDT in Lincoln City and ended at 2:48 p.m. PDT near Charleston.

Photos by Pat Grubb, Deidre Smith, Kevin Steele, Ruth Lauman and Mike Sowers.

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