City grants one-year extension to Bridges Plat development

By Stefanie Donahue

Permits for a 40-lot subdivision planned for east Blaine were set to expire this month, but during a regular meeting on August 14, Blaine City Council voted unanimously to grant property owner Lloyd Ford a one-year extension for the project, Bridges Plat.

“The plat expires in August,” read a letter Ford sent to the city on March 30. “That leaves very little time to get everything completed and secure the financial resources needed to complete the project in time for the deadline. An extension would ensure there will be enough time for the process and to deal with any delays with the sewer extensions or additional requirements and changes that very well may occur.”

In February, the city invested more than $300,000 to extend sewer lines through Lincoln Park and along D Street. Staff with the city felt it was a necessary to spur development of three projects in east Blaine, all of which were awaiting sewer and power infrastructure.

With financial assistance from Ford, the city was able to extend the new sewer line to Bridges Plat and were also able to help address issues related to on-site stormwater facilities.

“Now that it is certain which direction the sewer line servicing the property is coming from, and the commitment from the city staff for the stormwater facilities, I can move forward with the project with a developer or on my own accord,” Ford said in the letter. “It seems all the obstacles have been removed for
this project.”

Ford’s project received s Preliminary Plat and Planned Unit Development approvals in August 2010. Per state law, applicants are eligible to receive two one-year extensions, so he can return to the city next year to ask for one more.

“The current state of the real estate market indicates that this project will be a welcome addition to Blaine’s housing inventory and have wide reaching positive impacts on the community,” Ford said.

“The real estate market has improved since last summer and clearly making this project possible financially.”

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