Letters to the editor: July 20-26

The Editor:

Blaine is located in a beautiful part of the world, it is a quaint little town with so much potential. Things can change with progressive leadership.

Did you know that our city has a bit of a bad reputation for overpolicing minor traffic infractions? Visit Speedtrap.com and TripAdvisor.com, there you can read about it.

This bully culture must stop. Tourists and visitors will choose other places to visit and likely tell 10 other folks to avoid downtown Blaine.

There are stops signs in this town that are unnecessary and used by the city as revenue generators. This is very wrongheaded.

How can you have a revitalized community, when you are writing up to 13 or more tickets for California/rolling stops one right after another at H Street and Peace Portal Drive in a 3 .5 hour period one day? A north-and-south-facing simple single flashing amber will solve this problem.

Ferndale recently removed a stoplight on their main street, the first intersection westbound just west of the river. Traffic has really smoothed out, go check. By the way, also notice there are no empty storefronts in downtown Ferndale.

Scrap the ward system, obviously it isn’t working. There is no accountability, and it appears to not have been working for many decades. Anyone with 98230 or Blaine in their address should be able to run and be on the city council.

I know of several reasonable, common-sense folks that would like to contribute to the betterment of our downtown and community, but cannot under the current very restrictive and regressive system.

Make the business license fee the same as other cities: $25 for the first year only, then no charge every year after. Charging the highest fee of any city around is yet another unwelcoming business blocker.

If common sense prevails Blaine can be so much more than it is now. Doesn’t downtown Blaine deserve this? Doesn’t the community and visitors alike deserve this?

This town has been held back for way too long.

Bill Becht

The Editor:

In response to Henry Wernecke’s letter to the editor on July 13, I have been in Birch Bay for nine years and find it is a very pleasant piece of paradise.

Mr. Wernecke says many people and pets are negatively affected by the fireworks on the 4th of July. I agree some people don’t like the fireworks, but hundreds of people visit Birch Bay to participate in the Independence Day celebration.

I can’t speak for the pets as I don’t have any, but as for the “drunks blowing crap up,” I didn’t see anyone in a drunken manner this year. The sheriff’s department does an excellent job protecting life and property.

To my knowledge, the only injury the fire department attended was a child hit by a slow moving car and the injuries were not life threatening.

As for the garbage on the beach? Yes, there is garbage left behind, but a great group of volunteers collect the garbage the following day and a work crew from the sheriff’s department also helps to clean up the beach.

Mr. Wernecke forgot to mention the thousands of dollars this event brings to Birch Bay.

In the big picture, hundreds of people travel to Birch Bay, support local businesses and enjoy this traditional 4th of July event.  If you don’t like it, perhaps you should take a holiday out of the area at that time.

Denis Burgess
Birch Bay

The Editor:

Have you ever seen clumps of rabbit feces on the Semiahmoo Spit pathway? Neither have I. Rabbits are discrete; they deposit their waste under the shrubs, hidden from sight.

Humans with dogs, however, are not as thoughtful. Some leave their dogs’ feces on the path where other humans and animals walk. If your dog left a deposit at your front door, would you pick it up or just let your guests walk around it to enter your home?

Bags and bag deposit stations are available on the spit; responsible dog owners have bags attached to their animals’ harness or leash.

Have you seen the speed limit signs on the spit? I have. Why do people ignore them? As a walker, it is scary when drivers are speeding over the 25 mph speed limit.

There is no excuse for local residents to drive above the speed limit. As for visitors or contractors driving to the resort and construction sites, the resort management and contractors should take responsibility to inform employees and guests of the speed limit. Remind them that they are driving through a residential area and a state park.

The spit is a treasure enjoyed by many people and animals from near and far. Let’s make sure it is a safe and clean part of the Northwest Necklace.

Helen Worley

  1. Henry Wernecke July 28, 2017, 5:26 pm

    Denis Burgess,

    This is Henry. I completely agree that Birch Bay is as you say, a very pleasant piece of paradise. We retired here because it is just that. By your logic, I should leave this quiet paradise, where I live, for 3 days every July so visitors can come and turn this area into a war zone. I used to blow up fireworks years ago when I was a young, immature man; but I grew up! And yea, I bet there was no drunks – give me a break!

    And by the way: the only business increase to this area is for the sellers of these fireworks. Birch Bay is booked, every rental, all summer long and not just on July 4th. The only reason this barrage is still allowed is because all the surrounding areas have outlawed this, so all you fireworks’ enthusiasts come to incorporated county, Birch Bay.

    One last thing. If you did have a pet or horses or even small children, you might think differently – they do not understand and they go nuts with fear; but that is OK to you so you can blow crap up. Maybe it is time to grow up! “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

    Maybe I should come to your home an blow crap up until 2 am on days you have to go to work the next day?



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