Letters to the editor: July 6-12

The Editor:

As residents of the Semiahmoo spit, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Blaine City Council for passing the fireworks ban which went into effect for the spit (and other areas of Blaine) this past Fourth of July.

For once, we didn’t have to worry about fires endangering homes on the spit nor did we have to engage in a massive cleanup of related debris on July 5. Also, the lack of excessive noise was a welcome relief to homeowners, pets and wildlife alike.

Thanks for making our community a safer and more enjoyable place to spend the July 4 holiday!

Peggy Richter and Alan Ogden

The Editor: 

Wow! Our Old Fashioned 4th was bigger and better than ever this year. Two hundred and forty-seven classic and antique vehicles registered for the car show and 20 trophies were given out. We are sending a big thank you to our car show sponsors: Pastime Bar & Eatery, Banner Bank, US Bank, Umpqua Bank and Washington Federal Bank.

Carroll Solomon
Blaine Chamber of Commerce

The Editor:

We have lived through two July 4 blitzkriegs in Birch Bay and it needs to stop. So many people and animals are very negatively affected by this silly, immature setting off of explosives, that it needs to be toned down or stopped.

Many communities are placing strict restrictions on fireworks, but Birch Bay is one of the last places you can get drunk and blow crap up until 2 a.m. with no restrictions at all. I was never in a war, but this has got to be close to what it sounds like in a firefight.

What about the veterans who live in Birch Bay who have PTSD; this silly barrage of explosions cannot be good for them. Most animals go into panic mode at these loud noises. There are many seniors that retired to Birch Bay for the peace and quiet and babies that get scared and can’t sleep.

I am a proud American and love the founders of our country and this nation, but celebrating the Fourth with a constant barrage of explosions is silly. I am guessing here, but I would surmise that most of the people setting off these “bombs” are drunk, young males who think it is cool and macho to do this; who can make the loudest boom. Should we all suffer through two or three nights of this barrage just for the sake of a few who want to act like teenagers?

I can’t even understand why this would be fun for anyone. It is just a constant noise like a firefight in a war. It just seems like another game of “mine is bigger than yours.”

I have talked to many people who live around Birch Bay and they all think this is so stupid. And I didn’t even mention the garbage that gets into the water at Birch Bay and on the beaches; this can’t be good for the environment in this area. And I heard there were several injuries as well.

I wish Whatcom County or Blaine would deal with this. If there is a petition, please let me know where to sign. Maybe Birch Bay could have a community fireworks display on July 4 like Blaine has, but outlaw the individual fireworks like Blaine and many other communities in Whatcom County have.

Henry Wernecke
Birch Bay

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