Stops to shop for seafood this summer

By Alyssa Evans

Summer is the best time of year for eating many types of seafood, including albacore, spot prawns, side stripe, shrimp, king and sockeye salmon and sardines.

If you’re hankering for some fresh seafood of your own, here’s a list of nearby vendors to choose from:

Barlean’s Fishery: 4936 Lake Terrell Road, Ferndale. Call 360/384-0325 or visit

Dave and Barbara Barlean established Barlean’s Fishery in 1972. The family-owned business was passed down to the couple’s daughter Cindy in 1994, who then sold the business to her brother Bruce in 2014.

Barlean’s captures its fish through reef netting and is one of 11 licensed reef netters in the world. The business buys and sells local halibut, Dungeness crab, spot prawns, oysters and clams.

Drayton Harbor Oyster Company: 677 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine. Call 360/312-7047 or visit

Drayton Harbor Oyster Company has been around since the early 1900s. In the 1980s, current owner Steve Seymour purchased the company with business partner Geoff Menzies.

After working for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and retiring in 2013, Seymour took over the business and opened a store in downtown Blaine. Seymour’s son Mark and grandson Eric Johnson both work for the company, which raises oysters in Drayton Harbor.

Hannegan Seafood: 6069 Hannegan Road, Bellingham. Call 360/398-0442 or visit

Andy Vitaljic, who comes from a family of Croatian fishers, owns Hannegan Seafood. Vitaljic has fished commercially since 1946. He built Fisherman’s Market on Holly Street, which lasted almost 50 years. In 1972, Vitaljic started the American Canadian Fisheries, which processes over 10 million pounds of salmon and other seafood annually.

Hannegan’s, a factory outlet, sells king, coho and sockeye salmon, halibut, catfish, bass, sole, cod, fresh crab and oysters. The company also processes 1 million pounds of salmon fillets annually for food banks in Washington, Oregon and California.

Lummi Seafood Market: 4920 Rural Avenue, Ferndale. Call 360/933-4211 or visit

Lummi Seafood Market’s slogan is “fresh when fresh is good, frozen when frozen is best.” The market, owned by Terry Phair and Nick Wallace, sells frozen and fresh seafood.

Vital Choice Seafoods: 2460 Salashan Loop Road, Ferndale. Call 866/482-5887 or visit

Vital Choice Seafoods is a door-delivery service. The company works with fisheries that are certified to be sustainable. Seafood is prepared by cleaning and flash-freezing fresh-caught Alaskan Salmon and other Alaskan and Pacific Northwest seafood. Former Alaskan fisherman Randy Hartnell owns the business.

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