Incorporating antiques into modern-day home décor

By Ronell McAllister, manager of Applegrove Junction Antiques

Many people hesitate to incorporate antique and vintage items, family heirlooms and cherished collections into their modern day home décor. Often, these treasures are left carefully packed away in boxes and forgotten.

It seems as though there is a belief that special, valuable and pretty antiques and collectables cannot be mixed into our modern décor and daily living. Who and what are we saving them for? Instead, these items should be shared and enjoyed by our friends and our family.

When it comes to decorating, there are no rules. Nothing dictates what colors should be mixed, what styles should be put together and where furniture belongs in a room. Since we often have a loving attachment to our antiques and collections, we should decorate our homes inspired by that same love.

Consider hanging an older print or painting on a wall in a grouping with newer or different style pictures; try putting an older piece of furniture in a room with newer pieces; or display your valued collection for everyone to enjoy. Collections can be safely and beautifully displayed in a lighted cabinet that is either
old or new.

Once you are satisfied with how things are coming together, you will be more comfortable accenting the room with pillows, rugs and other décor to pull it all together.

The best way to enjoy your antiques and collectables is to not overthink where they belong and how to use them. Mix, match and experiment with placement around the home and have some fun. Remember, there can be no decorating mistakes if you are surrounded by things you love, make you feel good and bring back special memories of those who passed them on to you.

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