Blaine school district honors young artists

Young artists in the Blaine school district were honored during Evening of the Arts at the Blaine Performing Arts Center on June 1. Lauren Kordas, r., received several awards, including first place for her senior display; second place for Portraiture/Charcoal and Pastel; first place for Painting;  second place for Glazing; Juror’s Choice; Best of Show and Most Inspirational. See more on page 10.  Photo by Louise Mugar.

Concert Band
Teacher: Bob Gray

Inspirational Award: Gloria Schumacher

Director’s Award:  Dylan Peat

Wind Ensemble

Outstanding Soloist: Timothy Schrader

Inspirational Award: Logan Nelson

Director’s Award: Monika Kelly

Director’s Award: Logan Nelson

Jazz Band
Teacher: Dwayne Cole

Jazz Band Resuscitation Award/Senior Leadership; awarded to students who made it a priority early in the morning to make sure the band continues when there was no director to fill the position for: Logan Nelson and Monika Kelly

Outstanding Attendance; awarded to students who are always on time for rehearsals, if not 15 minutes early, and present for every concert: Liam Lyons and Xavier Felmley

Participation Award; awarded to one family of students who made up a quarter of the band: Elijah Aosved, Marni Aosved and Ingrid Aosved.

Most Inspirational Award(s), as voted by the band member: Anthony Persse and Kaelar Robins

Director’s Choice Award: Jillian Templeton

General Art Show
Teacher: Brian Smith

Still Life/Pen and Ink: 1. Ariel Kuramato, “Dagged;” 2. Kennedy Fucs, “Death and Dimension;” 3. Tristan Hughes, “Old.”

Still Life/Graphite: 1. Elaine Kim, “The Cats Meow;” 2. Quila Welch, “Untitled;” 3. Jocelyn Hicks, “Gray.”

Still Life/Charcoal and Pastel: 1. Tristan Hughes, “Purple Still;” 2. Kiki Norwich, “Values with Charcoal;” 3. Elaine Kim, “Monochrome.”

Portraiture/Charcoal and Pastel: 1. Elaine Kim, “Messy;” 2. Lauren Kordas, “Mirror Image;” 3. Q

Artwork by Allie Shattuck, l. She earned third place for her senior display and first place for her work titled “Midnight Drink.”

uila Welch, “Allysa.”

Painting: 1. Lauren Kordas, “Sunrise at Stuart Farm;” 2. Jacky Mendoza, “Cherishing Myself;” 3. Tia Mitchell, “Better in.”

Figure Study: 1. Solomon Welch, “Untitled;” 2. Emy Ramey, “Everything;” 3. Daisy Dehnky, “Tangerine.”

Ceramic/Pinch Pot: 1. Sherry Agnello, “Untitled;” 2. Claire Cooper, “Pinch Bowl;” 3. Violet Rosemary, “Gypsy Pirate.”

Ceramic/Masks: 1. Gypsy Pirate, “Henry;” 2. Isaac Avena, “Sacred Fears;” 3. Jacky Mendoza, “Awaken my Love.”

Ceramic/Trivet or Tray: 1. Kiera Piccini, “Stripes;” 2. Katie Rubac, “’Pair;’” 3. Tristan Hughes, “Lok’tar Ogar.”

Ceramic Hand Building Slab: 1. Jacqueline Mendoza, “Mother Hen;” 2. Daphne Rojas, “Duck;” 3. Tia Mitchell, “Jellyfish Night.”

Ceramic/Hand Building Coil: 1. Kiki Norwich, “Untitled;” 2. Cody Goucher, “Under the Sea;” 3. Adriane Magana, “Everlasting.”

Pottery Wheel: 1. Adriane Magana, “Dark Star;” 2. Julia Kovtun, “Curiosity;” 3. Mason Otterson, “Burnt Blue.”

Glazing: 1. Allie Shattuck, “Midnight Drink;” 2. Lauren Kordas, “All Together;” 3. Emy Ramey, “Pyroe Garnett.”

Raku: 1. Destiny Franks, “Burnt Steel;” 2. Daphne Rojas, “Surprise;” 3. Clara Cannon, “Foxy.”

Juror’s Choice: Patty Ripley; Sierra Boucher, “Landscapes;” Michelle Peterson; Lauren Kordas, “Sunrise at Stuart Farm;” Tony Gonzalez; Solomon Welch, “Untitled;” Debbie Haggman; Lauren Kordas, “Portrait Study.”

Senior Displays (Jurors Vote): 1. Lauren Kordas; 2. Tia Mitchell; and 3. Allie Shattuck.

Best of Show; Jurors Vote: Lauren Kordas, “Simplicity.”

Superintendent’s Choice: Elaine Kim, “Life and Path.”

Principal’s Choice: Jazmine Minjarez, “Spring Sorrows.”

Teacher’s Choice: Kyrsten Morrow, “Family Portrait.”

Blaine Fine Arts Association: Emma Welter, “A Boy.”

Artwork by Tia Mitchell, r. She earned second place for the best senior display; third place for her painting “Better in;” and third place for her ceramic piece “Jellyfish Night.”

Most Inspirational; Student Vote: Lauren Kordas

Teacher: Shari Akers

“Seussical The Musical” was nominated for Outstanding Lobby Display, and granted an honorable mention from the Seattle 5th Avenue Theater for Oustanding Costume Design.

Theater Arts “Letter” Reciepients:

Fourth Year Letter: Madisen Froneberger

Third Year Letter: Kaelar Robins

Second Year Letter: Madison Senger; Corwin Simpson; Jacob Lehn; Jaelin Madden; Jevan Wilskey; and Katie Morris

First Year Letter: Gabrielle Billesbach; Alliyah Myers; Kitira Mouw; Payton Ives; Renee Scheib; and Sophia Truglas.

Chamber Choir
Teacher: Andy Harmening

Outstanding Male Soloist: Tristan Ceranova

Outstanding Female Soloist: Madison Senger

Most Inspirational: Madisen Froneberger

Director’s Award: Madisen Froneberger

Outstanding Male Singer: Darien Kieszkowski-Plowman

Outstanding Female Soloist: Mackenzie Monogue

Most Inspirational: Jessi Thorne

Director’s Award: Alyssa Bernd

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