Keep your cool this summer with these organization tips

Summer is often associated with lazy days spent picnicking and swimming, but most of us know that these months are often the most action-packed, making organization as important as ever.

To keep it all together this summer, consider the following tips and tricks.

Mix it up

Spend less time in the trenches of your closet and dresser drawers. Take an hour to move all your favorite summer clothing and accessories to the most accessible places in your closet, so getting dressed is simple all season long. Move items to the back that you won’t need or want to see for a while, so they don’t get in your way. Bye-bye heavy wool sweaters, hello short sleeve button-ups and sundresses!

You are likely invited to many social gatherings this summer. Whether it’s a garden party celebrating a marriage or a luau celebrating a birthday, take this opportunity to crosscheck your calendar with your closet, doing a quick inventory to ensure you have the items you need for all the festivities of summer.

Write it down

Don’t commit important dates to memory. Commit them to paper. You may already have a wall or desk planner, but you are on the go a lot, so keep a planner with you at all times to track appointments, flight times, gift registries and other critical information. Writing things down is not only useful, it gives you a way of looking back and remembering all the summer fun you had long after the season has ended.

To get this habit to work for you, choose a planner that matches your needs and suits your style.

Rev your engine

Hitting the road this summer? Whether you are traveling near or far, you’ll want to make sure your car is as ready as you are. If you aren’t comfortable performing the inspection yourself, take it into the shop. They will ensure you have proper air pressure in your tires and enough windshield wiper fluid, coolant, brake fluid and oil, among other tests and measures.

You can prep your car, too, for summer fun and adventure. Toss a blanket in the trunk for the season in case of spontaneous picnicking. Pack games, books and other distractions, and a cooler full of snacks and water for longer car trips.

It can be easy to let adventure stand in the way of organization. But nothing ruins summer fun quite as quickly as forgetting where you want to be. Keep your home, your car and yourself organized all summer long.

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