In Brief: Blaine City Council

Blaine City Council solicits input from the public

During a regular meeting on May 22, Blaine City Council scheduled a public hearing on a petition submitted by Sall LLC to vacate the southern 20 feet of the Clyde Street right of way, between Madison and Kingsley avenues.

The council will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 12 at Blaine City Hall to hear from the public.

According to a staff report, Sall LLC is requesting the street vacation to increase the number of units associated with a development project.

Mountain States Builders receives final round of approval from the city

Eighteen new single-family homes on the 1600 block of D Street, north of Lincoln Park, are set to crop up after Blaine City Council voted to approve a final plat application for Mountain State Builders.

In February 2016, the council approved preliminary and variance plats to allow for the construction of components on the 3.49-acre site, including a new public roadway
called Whitetail Loop.

Leading up to the final plat approval, city staff recommended a few minor landscaping requirements. According to a staff report, landscaping easements are to be installed to avoid the “unsightly appearance of individually maintained 6-foot-high fences facing D Street, which will become a major thoroughfare with the construction of Mott’s Hill Parkway.”

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