Blaine Police Department reports: May 10-16

May 10, 7:14 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to a call in the 9200 block of Semiahmoo Parkway for a welfare check on two people passed out in a parked vehicle. The description of the vehicle was a red Jetta, no license plate given. Officers responded and searched the area, but no vehicle matching that description was located.

May 10, 2:15 p.m.: A person called to report that an unknown person, during an unknown time frame, placed tape over the sensor on a motion light in their apartment complex. The complainant had since removed the tape, but asked for extra patrol as officers are able to do so.

May 10, 4:12 p.m.:  A person reported finding several scratches on her vehicle that had not been there previously, including on the driver’s side window and on the windshield. The person was not sure exactly when the scratches appeared. She is unaware of anyone that might want to damage her property. Frequent patrol was requested and will be provided as available. There are currently no suspects in this case.

May 11, 3:17 p.m.:  An officer was dispatched to the 5400 block of Drayton Harbor Road for an injury collision. The officer arrived and found both drivers out of the vehicle and not needing medical attention. It was determined that one driver failed to yield the right of way and turned in front of another vehicle, causing the collision. Both vehicles were towed away from the scene.

May 12, 9:25 a.m.: Officers responded to the 600 block of E Street for a suspicious circumstances call. The officers arrived and found several citizens standing around a backpack that contained drug paraphernalia. Officers cleared the scene and disposed of the backpack along with the drug paraphernalia.

May 12, 12:14 p.m.: High school staff reported that a person who had been trespassed from the facility at the beginning of the school year had been seen walking around the campus during lunch hours talking to students. Police contacted the teenager and re-advised him that his No-Trespass order was still in place. He departed without incident and the school district is providing a copy of documentation necessary to prosecute him if he commits another violation.

May 12, 12:15 p.m.: A resident called to ask for assistance mitigating the large number of vehicles which frequently and unsafely speed on 8th Street between H and D streets. All officers were advised of the complaint for their patrols.

May 12, 6:20 p.m.: A resident called police upon noticing a window broken in a neighbor’s storm door. An officer checked the home and found it was secure, except for the window, which had possibly not survived a recent storm. The officer attempted to contact the home’s owner by phone without success.

May 12, 7:08 p.m.: An anonymous caller reported a possible domestic disturbance at a residence. Police responded and spoke to a very surprised occupant who denied any argument or disruption had taken place. Officers contacted several neighbors, and none of them had heard anything untoward. Officers patrolled the area and no further calls were received.

May 14, 4:58 a.m.: Blaine police were dispatched to the 300 block of B Street for a report of a possible fight in progress and a report of dogs barking loudly. While en route, a person at the residence in question called 911 to request assistance, because her two dogs were under the front porch fighting with a raccoon. An officer arrived, along with U.S. Border Patrol agents, to assist. After a lengthy battle and multiple attempts to lure the dogs out from underneath the porch were unsuccessful, the dogs finally stopped fighting when the raccoon succumbed to injuries. The dogs were then secured inside the residence without further issue.

May 14, 8:30 a.m.: Officers responded to a report of a man in a bathrobe acting erratically. Officers spoke with the man, who was acting reasonably normal during their contact and who denied any erratic actions. No emergent situation existed, and officers cleared.

May 14, 6:06 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to the Peace Arch port of entry for a report of a felon in possession of a firearm. Canadian Customs officers found the man to have a loaded 9 mm pistol in his center console. The firearm was seized and turned over to U.S. Customs officers. The man was denied entry into Canada and turned back to the U.S. A Blaine officer arrived and determined the man had not had his firearms rights removed but was unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm without a CPL. Because the violation was found while occurring in Canada, the man was released with a warning.

May 14, 2:15 p.m.: A Blaine business called and requested the police for an unruly customer. The officer arrived and determined the dispute was over a requested refund by the customer. The business refunded the price for a blank key and they then issued a lifetime trespass to the Blaine resident. The officer ensured the resident understood that returning to the property would cause his arrest. The man stated he understood, and he left the premises.

May 14, 11:02 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a physical domestic involving a knife at a residence. Officers arrived and quickly determined that no person had been threatened or stabbed by the butter knife. The argument was over possession of the object which led to pushing and pulling over the object. The case will be forwarded to the city of Blaine prosecutor’s office for a review of possible charges.

May 15, 11:52 a.m.: A Blaine officer assisted the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office in stopping a vehicle suspected to be involved in a burglary. Deputies stopped the vehicle and interviewed the occupants. The occupants were released after determining they were not associated with the burglary. Officers cleared when no further assistance was needed.

May 15, 3:11 p.m.: Officers responded to a report of theft of keys. A local business owner had her keys taken by a disgruntled contractor. The contractor was located, but the keys were not. The man was arrested, cited and released with a criminal citation and mandatory court date.

May 15, 5:03 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a civil matter at the post office. A woman picked up one of her packages but refused to sign for it when she was told the other package was not there. An officer arrived and spoke with the woman, who obviously did not care for the post office. The woman signed for the single package and will return for the second at a later date.

May 16, 7:41 a.m.: Blaine Police located an abandoned child’s bike in the 200 block of Marine Drive. The bike was brought to the police department and will be stored in evidence for safekeeping in hopes the owner comes to collect it.

May 16, 3:20 p.m.: An officer was dispatched with the fire department to the Blaine Primary School for an activated fire alarm. The officer arrived and contacted school maintenance personnel, who advised the cause was a faulty detector. The detector was cleaned and the alarm was reset. The fire department was canceled.

May 16, 5:46 p.m.: A business reported an individual walked out with a cart full of groceries without paying, loaded them into the car and drove away. Employees obtained the vehicle license plate as well as a description of the car and the driver. He was arrested minutes later at his home a few blocks away.

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