This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate grandmothers, too

By Trudi Norquist, board member at the Blaine Senior Center

As a grandmother, I have three rules: 1. Buy them presents; 2. Feed them sweets; and 3. Send them home. I value these rules so much they’re even printed on a few of my T-shirts. Grandchildren are some of the most wonderful relationships in my life.

Grandmothers of yesteryear recall fond memories of visiting with their grandchildren at home. They kept busy baking and making quilts. Today, many grandmothers stay busy outside of the home and most likely have a cell phone and computer to keep up with their grandchildren.

My mother, who is now in her heavenly home, made quilts for everybody in the family, including nieces and nephews, baked for every church function and always had time to listen. Their lives were never easy but she was always there for her children and mine.

As grandmothers, we are always there.

When a little grandchild comes running across a room with open arms, it melts your heart. It fills our lives with gratitude and love. We love unconditionally and hurt when we see them learning lessons in life as we remember our own experiences. We are all in someone’s life for a reason and grandmothers have a special part in all the lives they encounter.

Love those grandmothers who hold everything together for us all. Happy Mother’s Day.

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