Tips to refresh yourself this season

For a happier, healthier you, take some time to clean and clear your body and mind. Here are five great ways to give yourself a mid-year refresh:

1. Rise and shine. Waking up earlier gives you more “me” time, and some studies have found it makes you more productive during the day and can make you more focused.

2. Try something new. Just because you exercise consistently doesn’t mean you can’t get into a rut. Try a new studio or fitness class that can shake up your routine. While you’re at it, you may even make some new friends.

3. Get outdoors. Go out and walk, hike, cycle or paddle.

4. Eat well. Rethink your eating habits. Don’t just buy quick and easy premade foods. Try switching up your meals and snacks by adding whole foods, like seasonal fruits and veggies to the mix.

5. Pamper yourself. Take a day for yourself. Whether it’s a full immersive spa day, or simply a day free of commitments to read the book you’ve been putting off or to finish the project you started months ago but haven’t found the time to complete.

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