Letters to the editor: April 20-26

The Editor:

Watch out for beach walkers!

The sun is finally coming out and you may begin to see more folks enjoying a walk along our beautiful beach. I took a walk today and I noticed that many of the drivers must have “overlooked” the 25 mph speed signs all along the road.

1. The posted speed is 25 mph all along the beach.

2. When you see someone walking on the side of the road, if possible move over a tad and don’t hug the white line as you drive past.

3. We are gifted with beautiful scenery along the beach. Try to slow down and enjoy it. You may just save someone from jumping on the grass to get out of your way.

Anne Freeman
Birch Bay

The Editor:

We recognize that many people are homebound and this can cause isolation, depression and extreme loneliness. We are starting a birthday card program for the Meals on Wheels clients in Whatcom County for our Girl Scout Silver Award.

We will come together and make birthday cards, each with a hand-written note. We will include a chocolate bar and these cards will go out on the client’s birthday. This allows the homebound individual to feel remembered by their community.

Consider joining us this Friday, April 28, 6–7 p.m. at the Blaine Senior Center.

Hailey Karuza and Amira Hanowell
Girl Scout Troop 42579

The Editor:

I wish to thank the Blaine Library and Whatcom County Library Services (WCLS) for the many services they supply to library patrons.

My favorite is the ability to place a hold on any item, including books, e-books and DVDs, and have it delivered to your library branch. You can order not only from the entire WCLS inventory, but also from the World Wide Catalog.

Sometimes it is a surprise when I pick up an item I have ordered and find that it is something I forgot I had requested. It is just like Christmas!

Please support your local library. Get a library card (they are free) and take advantage of all the services that are available.

Theresa Pomeroy

The Editor:

While Eileen Corrigan’s letter was well written, her comments about Canadian drivers prompted me to publish a more detailed letter concerning driving in our area.

Since someone wrote a letter complaining about Canadian drivers speeding, I have spent two years observing driving habits in our area.

My intent is not to criticize but to bring bad driving habits to the forefront for drivers to review their own habits. I have been observing drivers from Canada, Washington and other out-of-state licensed cars. Hopefully by reading my letter you will review and adjust your driving habits and become a safer driver.

On I-5 it appears most cars drive over the 70 mph speed limit. They have options available to avoid collisions. They are not available on other streets off I-5 so much more caution is required. One problem is too many cars do not reduce their speed when reaching the 60 mph limit going south into Bellingham.

I have continually observed local drivers driving carelessly by passing cars by crossing over a solid double line or single solid line on their side. Tailgating by local drivers is more prevalent than by Canadian drivers. This habit leads to many unnecessary rear-end collisions.

Local drivers outweigh Canadian drivers by a large margin when it comes to running stop signs. I am not referring to a “rolling or California” stop but running stop signs without reducing their speed to a controllable level.

Regrettably, all of the effort put into reducing the speed limit to 25 mph on Birch Bay Drive and Jackson Road has not resulted in drivers obeying the reduced speed, but continuing to drive unsafely.

Other problems are when I have entered the roundabout at Grandview and Blaine, cars from Blaine Road drive fast into the roundabout and when I honk my horn to alert them, they just give me the finger in reply.

Please take my comments seriously and remove any of the above bad habits from your driving. The life you save may be your own, your family’s or other innocent people’s.

Mickey Masdeo

The Editor:

The Blaine Food Bank would sincerely like to thank all the people involved in making Saturday’s award celebration such a success.

To The Northern Light for its outstanding announcements and coverage. To local businesses for generously donating food, lovely corsages and boutonnieres – thank you.

A special thanks to the Buttons for the wonderful musical entertainments and all the volunteers who prepared and delivered the food.

And a very special thank you to the staff at city hall and the senior center for being so accommodating, and especially to the community of Blaine for the attendance at the ceremony and their continued support of the Blaine Food Bank.

Joan Smith on behalf of the Blaine Food Bank

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