Young at Heart: March 2017

By Lorrie Conyac

One of the best parts of the Blaine Senior Center is its bulletin.

You just would not believe all the information we cram into our little paper each month – in just 14 pages, you can plan your whole month and maybe even a vacation.

In our bulletin, you may read a note from our director about the high points of the month or she may clarify our mission. The bulletin contains information about membership and the partnerships we nurture to help us provide activities, meals and information to all our members and in some cases, for the general public.

We have two calendars that will tell you everything that’s happening at the senior center every weekday as well as what’s being served as part of our nutrition program.

Just in case you can’t make it for lunch, we have a nutrition page that focuses on a new topic each month. In March, the discussion is about heartburn and how to avoid or mitigate the symptoms.
If you’re looking for a fun and reasonably priced vacation turn to our Whatcom County senior tour program page and find the trip you’ve always wanted to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a day trip to see the tulip fields, have time for the Easter brunch and cruise on Lake Union or you want to sail the Rhine and Mosel rivers for seven days and nights, it’s in our March bulletin.

Did you know that we have an outstanding library at the Blaine Senior Center? As much as possible our books are set up by category, author and in alphabetical order. We are extremely lucky to have Jay Pukaluk as our resident librarian. He has been instrumental in the development of our library from 40 books in two bookcases to what is now a room filled with bookcases and an overflow of three more large donated bookcases in a hallway. Large print books, mysteries, science fiction, romance, sea stories, religious, social improvement, self-help, medical, nutrition, geography – we have them and a lot more!

In other news, one of our members has generously pledged $5,000 to the senior center with a matching gift challenge. To all of you out there that appreciate all we do I’m making an appeal to your generosity. We have a kitchen range that is limping along on its last leg and we could really use your help. We have already had someone donate the first $100 towards our member’s challenge.

If we can get a new commercial kitchen range, we can continue to host community meals, provide nutritious lunches, host member birthday parties and provide some of the best pies in the county, or at least I think so. Every little bit helps so I thank you in advance for any amount you can contribute.

Blaine Senior Center is located at 763 G Street in Blaine. You can call us at 360/332-8040.

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